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Did you know that registered members of NumbersUSA can now add their own comments to our blog entries? True! It's easy, and I'll show you how to do it. (For those who've never registered, you'll need to do so before you can add your comments.)

Hundreds of members have already discovered that they can read comments by other members at the bottom of blog entries (like this one). Registered members can also speak back to the blog writer and readers alike by posting their own reactions to the blog. Commenting is a great new way to interact with your fellow NumbersUSA members.

Members have been able to write their own faxes on NumbersUSA for years, but this is the first time they've had a way to talk with each other. Want to speak back? Here's your chance!

Just a few ground rules. First, please keep your comments relevant to the blog topic you are commenting on. Second, remember to log into the site so you can post.

(Most members stay logged on automatically. You'll know if you are already logged on by looking for your name at the top of the page. For example, at the top of this page, on the right, I see, "Welcome, Jim Robb." You'll see your own name. If you are not logged on, it will give a place to type in your username or password. See that?
Or, if you've not done this before, you can quickly register here. Forgot your username or password? No problem? Just ask us, and we'll immediately send them to you.)

Third, keep your remarks civil. Our moderators read comments before putting them up just to make sure rude remarks are avoided. Ok, that's it. To post your own comment, just look down at the bottom of every blog entry, under the subhead "Comments," where it says "Post a new comment."

Join the fray! And enjoy reading over some of the hundreds of comments already added to existing blog entries. It's fun.

New to commenting on blogs? Let me suggest a few obvious things in the blog above a member might comment upon. 1. How easy (or hard!) you found it to add your comments. 2. Questions about the instructions. 3. Maybe you've enjoyed the comments you've already read posted after the blog entries. 4. How do I register, or how do I find my username or password? 5. A new idea on immigration you've had today, or something you've just read. 6. New things you've found to use on NumbersUSA. -jr

Jim Robb is NumbersUSA's Vice President, Operations.
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Updated: Wed, Oct 15th 2008 @ 10:34am EDT

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