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  by  James Robb
In personal relations, we are urged to forgive and forget. This is no doubt a good thing. But when U.S. Representatives and Senators try to sneak in votes for ever-higher immigration numbers, NumbersUSA never, ever forgets. With us, a vote, once cast, is remembered and evaluated forever. Recently joined members of NumbersUSA may know us mostly as a place to ask Congress to improve their immigration policies. Our Action Buffet gives our members dozens of ways to reach out and swat Congress! Specifically. Personally. Sometimes, for Congress, painfully! But if you're new, you may not know about the Immigration Profiles or the Immigration Report Cards. If you've not studied these features, or haven't done so lately, take a look now. NumbersUSA is different than other single-focus groups focused on Congress. Many organizations record and analyze selected votes by Members of Congress. Quite a few groups "grade" a selection of Congressional votes on their issue and produce some kind of "report card" based on the results. But only NumbersUSA records, analyzes, mathematically rates according to publicly stated criteria, and then grades every immigration vote taken by every Member of Congress! In our Immigration Profiles, each Rep. and Senator gets their own series of pages, where each and every immigration-related vote they have taken is carefully analyzed for its impact on immigration numbers, legislative background, etc. If you want to know where the skeletons are buried on immigration voting in the U.S. Congress, this is the place. Check it out. With our oft-quoted, sometimes-feared Immigration Report Cards, we go even farther. Each of the votes recorded in the profiles is graded mathematically, based on how many new people the bill in question would bring, or stop from bringing, into the U.S. Keep clicking on the links and you will see the spreadsheets are shown where the grade criteria is very openly shown. So, is your Senator or Representative an "A" person? Or, and I recently characterized Senator Menendez of New Jersey, "Senator F-minus"? Check it out. The Congress sure does. Not a day goes by when Congressional offices don't inquire as to how they can move their Member's grade up from, say, a "B-" to at least an "A-". And the answer for that is always simple. "Here are some bills to vote for, and here's a list to vote against. Americans are tired of ever-increasing immigration numbers." Members of Congress have gloated on national TV about their high grades, and they've howled on CNN about their terrible "F-" grade by NumbersUSA. The American people are awake and watching! If you've not looked at these sites lately, do so now, and then just leave a comment in the space below. Tell us what you think. Are your Members of Congress measuring up? And remember, representatives of the people, NumbersUSA never, ever forgets. You can improve your grade average later. But your old, bad votes will never go away. --JIM ROBB IS VICE-PRESIDENT, OPERATIONS, NUMBERSUSA

Updated: Sat, Oct 11th 2008 @ 10:52am EDT

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