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A week ago, the NumbersUSA Local Power Teams successfully coordinated a 25-state Senate office visit effort, sending a strong message to key Senators to stay away from the Reid/Schumer/Menendez amnesty proposal. Nearly 500 activists in small groups of 3-4 drove a national message into Senate offices to “oppose the amnesty proposal” circulating in Congress.

Nearly 500 of you marched into offices across the country.

This week with Congress returning from recess, we’re going to need 500 more.

Volunteer now to coordinator Eliano Younes as we continue our S.T.O.P. AMNESTY in 2010! COUNTDOWN to INDEPENDENCE DAY campaign. Our message is clearly stated by delivering the letter available on our website and printing out your Immigration-Reduction Grade Cards for your Senator.

Our success last week can best be described by this NumbersUSA Local Power Team and Grassroots Activist.

I have completed my office visits to Senators Cornyn and Hutchison. I started at Senator Cornyn’s office this morning without an appointment. The young lady up front told me that no one would be available today to visit with me. She did state that Senator Cornyn is strongly opposed to amnesty. I got her to confirm to me three times that he not only is opposed to amnesty but that he would vote against any bill including any form of amnesty. I left the letter with her and left with my free calendar.

I then proceeded to Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison’s office, also with no appointment. I did get to meet with a staff person at this office. She explained that while Senator Hutchison is strongly in favor of securing the borders, she is not set to oppose amnesty at this time. She said that the Senator sees many things that need to be looked at as far as the best way to address the massive amounts of illegal aliens in our country. We both agreed that the estimates of 12 to 18 million are most likely very conservative. We did agree that securing the border was very important and would have to be done no matter what. We also agreed that it is not right for American citizens to have to compete with illegals for jobs in our country. We did not agree on what should be done next such as no amnesty. She said that Senator Hutchison could not and would not commit to stand against amnesty at this time. I left the letter with her and she said that she would definitely get the letter and my comments to Senator Hutchinson. I did also request a meeting with the Senator when she returns to the Dallas area.

~ Wayne R. of Texas

Great feedback and great success stories poured into our offices from all across the country, including this from Arkansas.

I visited with a staff member in Senator Lincoln's Texarkana office on Friday, 28 May. I told the staffer that I had concerns about the recent proposed immigration legislation that was sponsored By Senators Reid and Schumer. I pointed out that I represented more than 6,000 Numbers USA members in the state of Arkansas, 5 registered voters in my household, and dozens of small business owners and middle class families in my neighborhood. I told him that we are strongly opposed to allowing 18-20 Million illegal aliens to continue to take jobs from the 25 Million out of work legal Americans and allowing more foreign workers to continue to take jobs from struggling Americans. I also informed him that we are opposed to any immigration legislation that did not first provide for the immediate securing of all of our borders. I reminded him that our porous borders were being used by Al Qaeda terrorists to attack America.

His staffer assured me that he knew how I felt and that I was preaching to the choir both with him and with Senator Lincoln, and that she is working hard to secure our borders. So I asked him to explain what Blanche was doing to secure our borders. He said that she was supporting President Obama's plan to send soldiers to the border. I pointed out that there were 1,200 National Guardsmen going to the border to stop the flow of drugs and guns, and that this measure would be ineffective in keeping illegal aliens, people smugglers and terrorists from coming across the border. I recommended that the correct response would be to send 5,000–6,000 soldiers to secure the entire southern border and keep anything from coming across except at closely guarded and heavily monitored checkpoints. When I asked him how Senator Lincoln would feel about that plan, he told me he didn't know but that the Senator was very concerned about the problem and understood how I felt.

So I asked him to point to something in Senator Lincoln's record that would support that claim. After some yammering and stuttering, he said her vote on healthcare would keep illegal aliens from getting taxpayer funded healthcare. I told him that there was nothing in the healthcare law that would keep illegal aliens from using taxpayer funded healthcare services, just like Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security, and that they would have as much access to healthcare under this law as they do under the other laws. His only response was that he knew how I felt and that I was preaching to the choir. I told him that nobody in Senator Lincoln's Washington office would return my phone calls or emails on immigration or any other matter and that if I was preaching to the choir, then he should take my preaching and preach it to Senator Lincoln, because as far as I could tell, no one in her Washington office is listening to voters in Arkansas.

All I heard out of this guy was that Senator Lincoln understood how I felt, but he couldn't actually verify it with any substantial facts.

~ Mark R. of Arkansas

I can assure you that this meeting was both helpful and recorded in Senator Lincoln’s registry. Every meeting is both important and imperative to stopping amnesty and fighting for lower immigration levels. Some meetings are even a bit humorous.

Just a note to let you know I just returned from a brief visit to Senator Lindsey Graham’s office in Pendleton, SC (met at 8:45am 5/28/10).

While there on a break from work, I spoke with one of his Administrative Assistants and delivered about 12 signed letters I printed out from your email the other day. I urged her to pass along to Sen. Graham the fact that it was extremely important for him to oppose and vote against the Reid/Schumer/Menendez proposal if it ever came to a vote on the Senate floor. I also told her that all the signatories to the letter as well as many other people I knew were adamantly opposed to ANY immigration reform this year (included in my conversation with her was the necessity for securing the borders, enforcing existing laws, and penalizing employers who hire illegals thus increasing the likelihood of self-deportation).

She assured me she’d pass along the comments as well as the letters. Other than that, her comments were few other than to say Sen. Graham was dedicated to securing the border and that he is working on it.

Funny, though, when I got to the door I had to be buzzed in (security). I told Jennifer it must be very nice to keep out who you want to keep out and let in who you want to let in. I asked her to make sure she told Senator Graham that his small Pendleton office was more secure than our southern borders.

~ Mick S. of South Carolina

Be direct when you go into the offices. The importance of these Senate office visits is paramount in stopping amnesty. The best thing about going to your local state office is that it doesn’t have to take all day. You can effectively complete an office visit on your lunch break.

Went today as you asked (to Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky), only two people left in the office, all others are in Washington D.C. I expected this and for this reason wrote everything out.

First we had a discussion about the Amnesty for illegal immigrants and I was told that the Senator was, is and will be doing everything he can to block any passage of this abomination.

We spoke at length, also speaking about other bills, resolutions, pending laws and buried items from the Obama healthcare mess. Some of the hidden agendas bandied about by the bureaucrats.

After this we went through the written material I had brought and then left. Obviously the person could not speak for the Senator but I left, feeling the Senator would see the material and be told of the conversation, since the person took notes.

~Walther F. of Kentucky

There is a 26-page amnesty framework bouncing through the halls of the Senate like a lost puppy wagging its tail looking for its mother. Having lost Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) from the immigration table this spring, President Obama is now determined to find another GOP suitor for the Reid/Schumer/Menendez amnesty proposal. The President is looking for one good man (or woman) to turn this framework into a bill giving Senator Harry Reid (D-Nev.) headway to bring it to the floor for a vote. That’s not what the American people want and last week you targeted 25 states with a message:

Dear Senator:

  • I am sure you have seen the 26-page Reid/Schumer/Menendez proposal. It has been widely discussed in the media, and if not I’m happy to send it to you and your staff. Do you support this framework in its current form?
  • Will you commit to opposing and voting against the Reid/Schumer/Menendez framework if it comes to the Senate floor as a bill?

Thanks to all of you who volunteered last week and keep sending us your feedback. Carry your head high when you march into your Senator’s office. NumbersUSA is now a Million strong and growing each week.

President Obama has a 4-week window before the Independence Day recess to gain GOP support for the Reid/Schumer/Menendez amnesty framework that is circulating through the halls of the Senate. The President is looking for one Republican to join the three Democrats to move the proposal into a bill. Make your voice heard.

Volunteer now by sending an e-mail to coordinator Eliano Younes and join our S.T.O.P. AMNESTY in 2010! COUNTDOWN to INDEPENDENCE DAY campaign.

CHAD MACDONALD is the Director of Social Media Marketing for NumbersUSA


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