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  by  Chris Chmielenski

The final round of primaries for the midterm elections are Tuesday, Sept. 14 and then the countdown for the general elections begins. November 2 is less than two months away, and NumbersUSA is your #1 source for comparing the candidates on their immigration positions.

Since the process began in February, we have rated 438 Congressional races with 1,388 candidates for November's midterm elections. We've received more than 400 surveys, and we rated the other 1,000 candidates.

We currently have 111 candidates who will be on the ballot in November and have completed our NumbersUSA Immigration-Reduction Survey. We have also identified 89 "True Reform" candidates who agree with us on most of the issues.

There's been a ton of feedback through our helpdesk regarding our Candidate Comparison grids -- some good, some not so good. To answer most of the critics, our Candidate Comparison grids are meant to serve only as a guide. NumbersUSA is non-partisan and does not endorse candidates, and if you look at our pages, you'll see lots of Republicans, Democrats, and third party candidates who have taken a position to curb illegal immigration and protect America's unemployed by lowering immigration levels.

We know that you base your voting decisions on many different issues, but if you're viewing our grids, immigration must be one of them.

All incumbents and former Members of Congress have been rated based on their votes and sponsorships in Congress unless they completed our Immigration-Reduction Survey. NumbersUSA views actions as stronger than words, so in most cases, their Immigration-Reduction Report Cards supersede anything they've said on the campaign trail. We have rated the other candidates based on the positions posted on their campaign website, on comments they have made while campaigning, or actions they have taken on the immigration issue in a state or local elected office.

With the size of our staff, it was impossible to research every statement, interview, and handout produced by each candidate, so I admit our ratings are not perfect, but we rely on your help to point us in the right direction if you think we've missed something.

Since the beginning of the year, we attempted to contact every candidate multiple times, but we've found, as always, the best way to influence a candidate to complete a survey is for the request to come from their own supporters.

Please print out our survey and deliver it to your favorite candidate or email them the link so they can print out the survey themselves. And the best way to get a candidate to complete the survey is to call their campaign office directly. The following link will take you to a page where you can download our Congressional survey or the survey for candidates at the state and local level.

As for the candidates that have completed our survey, should they win in November, their completed surveys will be handed over to our Capitol Hill team so our legislative team knows exactly who pledged to protect America's unemployed workers and reduce overall immigration levels during the next Congress.

We hope our Candidate Comparison grids can at least serve as a resource in your decision-making process this fall. You can also check out Roy's two new lists ranking the 50 top Defenders and Deserters of Jobless Americans. All 100 Members of Congress on Roy's lists are up for re-election this fall.

CHRIS CHMIELENSKI is the Website Content Manager for NumbersUSA


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