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Updated Immigration Gumballs Video Surpasses 100,000 Views


On Wednesday, Roy’s 2010 update to his Immigration Gumballs video -- “Immigration, World Poverty and Gumballs” -- reached 100,000 views. It’s now up to 123,251. While that number doesn’t come close to our desire to eventually have millions viewing, it’s a pretty significant milestone after being publicly posted for only one week -- especially compared to some other YouTube postings.

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Back in July, Pres. Obama delivered a speech at American University, laying out his plan for a mass amnesty with some increased enforcement. The speech came just a few days after a major hearing before the Senate Immigration Subcommittee where the Democratic Leadership secured the support of the Evangelical and Business communities for immigration reform.

The President’s speech aired live on all the major cable news networks and was the lead story for the national evening newscasts, but since July, it’s only received 21,858 hits on the White House’s YouTube channel.

gumballs 2010

When Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid announced in mid-April that the Senate would pass comprehensive immigration reform in 2010, the most watched video pertaining to his announcement was of MSNBC’s coverage with only 487 views.

Later that month, Sen. Reid was joined by Senators Schumer, Durbin, Menendez and Feinstein at a joint press conference unveiling a 26-page outline for amnesty. The press conference was posted in four parts on YouTube and the four videos combined only have 1,425 total views. The most popular of the four has barely reached the 700-mark.

And just last week, on the same day we formally announced Roy’s new Gumball video, media mogul Rupert Murdoch testified before Congress expressing his support of a mass amnesty bill. Murdoch’s testimony received attention from nearly every mainstream media outlet, but it only received 9,864 views on YouTube.

It’s not just immigration stories that don’t quite match up with Roy’s Gumballs video on YouTube. A few weeks ago, the Republican Congressional Leadership announced its “Pledge to America.” The corresponding video was posted on House Minority Leader John Boehner’s YouTube channel and has only 42,822 views.

And of course, the second most important speech given by Pres. Obama, after his inaugural address, was his speech to a joint session of Congress promoting his health care reform proposal. On CBS, the President’s speech received 75,502 views, and on the White House’s YouTube channel, it’s received 107,830 views.

There are a few immigration-related speeches from the past year or so that have received some attention, but it’s not because of the subject matter. Comedy Central comedian Stephen Colbert’s opening statement before the House Immigration Subcommittee has received close to 1 million views, and the clip of Rep. Joe Wilson calling Pres. Obama a liar when he said that illegal aliens wouldn’t be covered by his health care bill has received millions of views.

But both of those videos went “viral” for other reasons. Roy’s Gumballs video has received more than 100,000 views because of its message, not because of its place within pop culture. As far as we can tell, the updated Gumballs video is the most watched policy-oriented video on the Internet.

Thanks to many of you, the video has also received more than 170 comments.

Excellent demonstration of how our immigration system does nothing but hurt the working poor in the US. Our government and corporations_ promote the outsourcing of jobs while insourcing cheap immigrant labor.
-- scifiwriter98

the only people that favor massive unending immigration to the USA are those that benefit from_ it and pocket all the profits and pass on the social , economic and environmemtal costs onto the communities. We need an immigration moratorium now!
-- mrhulot101

This is a fantastic video that is so easy to understand even a child could get it_ (If they ever dared to teach it in school!).
-- Petfam2

Thank you Roy and Numbers USA for using this simple, visual demonstration to emphasize that America is being dragged under by the weight of third world immigration.
-- MrFtus

Great_ video! Very, very interesting. And shocking. I'm watching it again.
-- tvfunboy

OMG! I had NO IDEA! This is unbelievable! Everyone should see this video! And he talks about LEGAL Immigration. He doesn't even take into account the UNDOCUMENTED immigrants! This is awful! We have to do something! Why_ don't we hear about this on the news?
-- blastit10

So, 100,000 views is a lot, but the original Gumballs video received more than 10 million views, and we need another 9.9 million people to watch the updated version!

What can you do?

First, take a second look at “Immigration, World Poverty, and Gumballs,” or if you haven’t seen it yet, watch it now. And when you get to the YouTube page, be sure to click the “Thumbs Up” button just below the video. This will help promote it within the YouTube search engine and ensure the video comes up in more searches.

Second, share the video with your Friends and Family and post it to your Facebook page or your Twitter account. The more people that watch this video means the more people that can learn about the impracticality of our nation’s current immigration policy.

CHRIS CHMIELENSKI is the Director of Content and Activism for NumbersUSA

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