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Two new polls reveal that Americans favor lower immigration numbers, stronger border and interior enforcement, and oppose giving amnesty to the 12-18 million illegal aliens currently living in the United States. While Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) works on a “comprehensive immigration reform” bill that would provide a mass amnesty to illegal aliens and increase America’s overly generous immigration numbers, Americans want a very different solution.

Over the past several months, the Department of Homeland Security has shifted workplace enforcement efforts from illegal workers to the employers that hire them. They’ve also weakened the 287(g) program that allows local and state law enforcement agents to receive federal immigration training so they are able to enforce America’s immigration laws. But Americans disagree with both moves.

Sixty-four percent of respondents want local police officers to conduct raids where illegal aliens routinely gather to find work. Only 19% oppose these raids. Back in March, Rasmussen asked the same question, and 24% of Americans opposed worksite raids. During these tough economic times, though, Americans are realizing the impact of 8 million illegal aliens in the workforce and want something done about it.

When asked if the employers who hire illegal aliens should be arrested too, 71% of Americans thought they should. That’s up from 68% back in March. The survey also asked if Americans believed that U.S. immigration policy encouraged illegal immigration, and 56% thought it did.

A separate poll conducted by CNN and the Opinion Research Corporation revealed that 73% of Americans want to see a decrease in the number of illegal aliens in the United States. CNN has asked the same question since 2006 and this is the largest number of Americans calling for a decrease. In January 2008, only 65% of Americans thought the number should be reduced.

Another question asked respondents if they wanted all illegal aliens deported, and 37% said yes. That, too, was the highest number in the poll's history. According to CNN’s polling director, three of four regions support the deportation of illegal aliens. Only the West had fewer respondents think that deportation was a solution. You can see many more poll results on our website by rolling your mouse over the “Resources” menu and selecting “public opinion polls.” The polls are organized into 11 different categories, which are listed in the left margin on the polls page.

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