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  by  Chris Chmielenski
We’ve had tremendous response to Roy’s blog analyzing Tuesday’s disappointing 50-47 vote in the Senate with more than 135 comments since it was posted that evening. Only one other blog in our history received more comments, and it dates back to July. If I had to guess, Tuesday’s blog would surpass that blog’s 160 comments by the end of the weekend.

While we weren’t pleased with Tuesday’s results, you responded in a huge way. More than 50,000 faxes have been delivered over the last couple of days recognizing those Senators that made the correct choice to protect American workers and hammering those that put illegal workers first. And as Vince from Pennsylvania pointed out, thanks to Tuesday’s vote, we know who’s in with E-Verify, who’s out, and who’s sitting on the fence, and our members are eager for the next step.
So what next? We just got our butts kicked by these traitors, but at least they did it in the light of day. We have names and now we need to let the voters know who voted against them.
-- Vince0041 of PA
One of the interesting things that came out of the 130-plus comments over the last couple of days was the pride that some members showed for their Senators. On the flip side, many members were clearly frustrated and angry, and some even got caught up in debates of whose Senators are worse.
I was proud of our Texas Senators that voted in favor of the E-Verify.
-- Charles0665 of TX
We would have to have a contest as to who has the two worst senators. I am from NJ and both my Senators are determined to get "comprehensive immigration reform" regardless of the impact on their constituents.
--Gertrude1563 of NJ
Unfortunately being from California I have to deal with the two worst senators in the nation when it comes to illegal immigration and many other issues.
-- Steven9794 of CA
I wish I could apologize for the horrible state of RI producing two useless Senators who would never vote for any measure protecting the American worker, the American family or the fabric of American life.
-- Roland5051 of RI
Our Senator Landrieu of Louisiana has shown her true colors. I had been calling her office repeatedly through the week. Landrieu would not commit one way or another to the E-Verify program. She voted to table the amendment. I guess I know her position now.
-- Charles9616 of LA
All I keep hearing is how Harry Reid of all for E Verify. … I asked why is it then that he keeps blocking and voting against E Verify. … I guess I'll get a letter.
-- Terri3311 of NV
Your frustration is heard and thousands share it, but the fight is not over. As Vince said above, we have names, and as Roy stated in his blog, a strategy with our Hill team is already in place. Just because the Senate vote didn’t go our way, there will be plenty of other opportunities. And NumbersUSA will be there every step of the way. You’ve already started to speculate where we could go next.
State by state law looks to be the only way to go. ... I salute the states that have already gone this way.
-- Dean3973 of OK
You can find a list of states that currently have mandatory E-Verify laws in effect on our E-Verify map along with descriptions of those laws and pending legislation in other states.
My main point is a lesson I first learned as a Boy Scout "Be Prepared" as the motto goes. As in chess, you must have a strategy and study & anticipate the opponent’s game, if you are to win. In other words as the old saying goes ‘Don't get caught with your pants down.’
-- Carl V.0283 of IN
Through good times and bad, we can’t do anything without the activism of our members. Every goal we attain is because of a fax sent, a phone call made or a letter to the editor written. We thank you for your support, and we thank you for the trust you’ve had in us over the years.
First, a huge thanks to Roy and ALL your staff for all you do--you go above and beyond to get accurate information to us so we can help in the fight against illegal immigration. The NumbersUSA membership continues to grow, and we will continue to fight!
-- Ann3578 of MT
In my humble opinion, NumbersUSA is the only site I can gain the truth. I research constantly to learn the truth about politics relating to immigration, and Numbers is the classiest, taking the high road and sticking to its principals.
-- Mary4171 of GA
I always hate it when I am asked to call my senators because they in no way support Americans, it makes me feel so sad to write and call them. But I will not stop until I have lost everything (not sure how much longer that will be though). I feel down but not out yet! And I will fight on!
-- Craig4943 of CA

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