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The Senate continued their debate this morning on amendments to the 2010 Homeland Security spending bill. After passing Sen. Sessions' E-Verify amendment and Sen. DeMint's (R-S.C.) border fence amendment yesterday, they approved, through a voice vote, Sen. Vitter's (R-La.) No-Match amendment moments ago.

Sen. Vitter's amendment would prevent further delay of the Social Security Administration's No-Match letter program. No-Match letters are sent out by the SSA to employers who report income for an employee whose social security number doesn't match their name according to SSA records. Often, a no-match occurs when an employer has hired an illegal alien who used falsified documents during the hiring process. The Bush Administration strengthened the No-Match program making it easier for employers to fire employees when a no-match occurs, but the Obama Administration has killed the the Bush rule.

"The Senate’s unanimous approval of this amendment sends a clear message to the Obama administration that we will not allow weak immigration laws," Vitter said. "That the Senate passed this amendment on the very next day after the administration stated their intent to rescind the 'no-match' rule serves as an even stronger indicator of where Congress stands on this issue. Illegal immigration is a serious concern for our country, and we should be doing all that we can to fight this growing problem. Today we took a step in the right direction toward doing just that."

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