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NumbersUSA members have contributed nearly 100 comments on why they think their national religious leaders are aggressively lobbying for more foreign workers while a new Zogby poll  finds that large majorities of Christians and Jews oppose importing more immigrant workers.

Roy offered his opinion in a few blogs and through an appearance on Fox & Friends on Sunday morning.  I've enjoyed your response to Roy.

Many "Religious Leaders" are leading their flocks in the wrong direction. Time to listen to what the flock is saying. I am a compassionate person, but there comes a time when one has to open their eyes and direct your compassion to those who deserve it and not listen to the "leaders" who all too often are influenced by others buying their support.

-- Charlie4148 of TX

I am appalled by the church leaders that are still trying to get the government to expand immigration numbers due to a lack of unskilled workers needing jobs, while there are millions of these workers already living here and want and need to work. I have addressed this to my church (Assemblies of God) and have spoken with the National Leader of AG and have been assured that they are not in accord with others who are seeking this. Even though the percentage of these church leaders is small, their impact could be large once they start lobbying. I know of nothing else I can do and if anyone has a suggestion please let me know.

-- Rebekah 0162 of NC

The news about the disparity between Church leadership and the laity is emblematic of the divide between elites/workers in our society at large. The specific institution may change, but the War on the Middle Class continues unabated.

-- Fred6648 of OR

Why would church leaders choose to ignore their members by supporting an amnesty? Most likely it’s to increase membership and revenue. If a significant number of immigrants entering the United States join one of these denominations, it helps them politically. Churches that increase its membership, increase its voting block, which can then increase its influence on other areas of public policy.

But do they risk losing current members over differing views on immigration? Some of our members seem to think so, but others are concerned about churches violating their tax-exemption status and wish they could focus time and energy on other ways to help impoverished nations.

When these churches start feeling the results of their parishioners not having a job by plummeting donations, maybe then they will understand what happens when jobs are lost to foreign workers which results in less spending in our economy and what we have experienced over the last year or two - more job loss!

-- Mary6016 of VA

One of the main reasons the Catholic Church is such an aggressive pusher of immigration from all sources is that many, perhaps most, of our immigrants come from Mexico and other countries where the population is almost 100% Catholic.

-- Thomas P.96 of VT

These churches are violating the separation of church and state by lobbying. They should register as lobbyists and pay taxes. I guarantee you that the threat of having to pay property tax (like the rest of us...) would silence them.

-- Vince0041 of PA

My church has youth and adult groups that travel to Central America each year to help develop their water systems, help them start small businesses, and other projects. Most of the people in these countries would rather not move to a new country where they do not know the language or culture.

Don't our church leaders understand that we can help them more by helping them where they are ….or....are our church leaders so totally out of touch with our communities AND the foreign communities to not realize that we destroy their communities…

-- Dorothy2053 of TX

(Dorothy’s been watching Roy’s Gumball Presentation…)

What could be the solution to resolving the disparities between church leaders and those in the pews? An open dialogue between churchgoers and their priest, pastor or rabbi could get things moving in the right direction. Unless the message of the Zogby poll is personally delivered to every local church leader, the national leaders will never feel the pressure.

Church members need to warn their pastors that if the pastor works against them, their children and their nation by recommending amnesty for illegals, continued or increased immigration to steal our jobs, medical, education, housing, food, etc., that the tithes and offerings will be send to other denominations that are working to protect USA citizens.

-- Virginia4018 of CA

People need to start speaking up in their congregations, and start handing out flyers. The flyers should mention the disconnect between parishioners and the hierarchy's position on these matters, and mention NumbersUSA and its URL.

-- Richard4091 of CA

Roy, would it be acceptable to send a copy of your article to one of the local churches near where I live?

-- Ralph7980 of CO

Roy's response...

Haha. Please copy and distribute as widely as you see fit.

I think it would be very helpful for local pastors to be made aware of what their "superiors" are trying to do to their country and their churches. You should never assume that your pastor might not be caught in an odd moment and persuaded to promote the hierarchy's open-borders stances. Better, to forearm your ministers.

-- Roy Beck

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