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Things have been a little quiet around our Washington D.C. office this week. The Senate is out of session until next week, and even though the House is back, they’ve spent most of their time on retreats and planning the next six months before turning their attention to the mid-term elections. We at NumbersUSA used the downtime to begin preparing our website for a busy year.

Congress won’t be the only legislative body getting back to work in the near future. State legislatures across the country will be gearing up for another session, and many of them will face votes on immigration enforcement issues.

We’ve already seen this happen in the Garden State. The New Jersey legislature convened earlier this month for a lame-duck session before a new group of lawmakers and a new governor take over. With Governor-elect Chris Christie strongly opposed to offering in-state tuition rates to illegal aliens, the legislature tried to pass a bill that would allow illegal aliens to get the discounted tuition rate before Gov. Jon Corzine left office. But their bid came to an end on Monday when leaders saw that they wouldn’t have the necessary votes to pass the bill in the state senate.

New Jersey was just one success on the state level, and we hope for many more in 2010.

States across the country will continue to wrestle with the issues of providing in-state tuition to illegal aliens, requiring businesses to run new hires through E-Verify, and implementing REAL ID compliant driver’s licenses among other things. Indiana began work this week on a new bill that would require state and local government agencies to use E-Verify.

We’ve had a tremendous response from our Indiana members who have helped voice their opinions to their local leaders on E-Verify, and the calls made by members in New Jersey certainly helped put an end to the in-state tuition bill.

On our website, you can find three maps that identify states and their policies on in-state tuition, driver’s licenses, and E-Verify. All three of these maps can be found by clicking on the “Enforcement” link on our tool bar and selecting “State/Local Policies”. The states are color coded based on the strength/weakness of their laws on these issues.

Over the next several weeks and months, we’ll be alerting members in California, Washington, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Colorado, New Hampshire, Nebraska, Texas, and Arizona of state and local initiatives. We need your help now more than ever. A new coalition that includes ACORN, the AFL-CIO, the SEIU, and others are beginning their mobilization to advance open-border, pro-amnesty policies at the state level. The issue of immigration may not receive daily national attention, but that doesn’t mean that things aren’t happening in your cities, towns and neighborhoods.

So even though things have been a bit quiet since the New Year, we’re about to get pretty noisy over the next few months, and we hope you’re ready to join the fight!

CHRIS CHMIELENSKI is the Website Content Manager for NumbersUSA

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Updated: Thu, Jan 14th 2010 @ 4:20pm EST

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Dayton,Oh police chief has just implemented a program that prohibits officers from asking immigration status. This is asinine. It will only bring in more illegal aliens because they know no one will do anything about them.
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We are now in a very crucial election year. And this is one to start. He along with all antiamnesty supporters running for election this year must get all the support they can get. Even if they are not your senators/congreemen, give them all the support to help them win in November! "I welcome legal immigration to this country. However, we are also a nation of laws and government should not adopt policies that encourage illegal immigration. Providing driver's licenses and in-state tuition to illegal immigrant families will act as a magnet in drawing more people here in violation of the law and it will impose new costs on taxpayers. I oppose amnesty, and I believe we ought to strengthen our border enforcement and institute an employment verification system with penalties for companies that hire illegal immigrants." -- Scott Brown at
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The current regime in Washington has shown no greater respect for the rule of law than its predecessor and has shown, if possible, an even greater willingness to sacrifice this vital principal to political expediency. Perhaps the success and political popularity of state and local programs that remove incentives for illegal immigration will inspire some of our congressional leaders to move in the same direction.
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Campaign Contribution Limits The root cause to America's crop of politicians that don't give a darn for We the People, but will cater to open border extremist groups, are IMO mass dollars from this octopus political force to simply continue organised crime illegal alien sweat shops in America. The solution may be, if you can't beat 'em join 'em....perhaps Numbersusa, FAIRUS.ORG, ZPG and others need to band together with ethical and law abiding companies/corporations and pre-select our own Democrat/Republican candidates and fund them with our billions of dollars.
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We the population of the USA scream for a change. "vote them out" is the battle cry heard nationwide.
Yet under this present political system, is it possible? It doesn't appear to be.
As it stands, if a person wants to run for a political office, he/she had better have very deep pockets. The parties say who wins and who runs.
I can think of one man who dared to rock the boat and that was billionaire Ross Perot.
Perot was making great headway and mysteriously dropped out claiming faceless forces were going to disrupt his daughters wedding.
Today, take the race for Texas Governor. Governor Perry, a chummy pal with Mexico, amnesty seeker and a strong supporter of Nafta.
His opponents is Kay Hutcheson, a strong supporter of fixing the present illegal immigration fiasco, a known flip-flopper.
Former Mayor of Houston Bill White (a supporter of amnesty and sanctuary city) and a sworn Socialist.
Then you have Mexican descent Activist Debra Medina. The fox who wants to guard the henhouse.
Are ANY of these candidates for the people? I think not. From past records, actions show that they represent themselves first, people last,
if at all or special interests..
Where are the statesmen?

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Where are the statesmen is a good question. It looks like the establishment Republican candidate in Nevada will/is receiving Republican party support over Tarkanian based upon comments on Hannity saying she will be the next Senator from Navada even though Tarkanian's numbers versus Harry Reed are almost the same as the establishment candidate. You are is very hard to "break in" if the party doesn't want you.
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We must pressure our "representatives" to push for legislation allowing local law enforcement to be able to enforce immigration laws along with INS. This will also lower the crime rate and quaity of life in OUR country.
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Every time we fight either to advance good legislation or to defeat bad, we have an opportunity to educate the American people, as well as our elected representatives. With many newspapers you can comment on line about published stories. Let people who agree with us see that they are not alone. Quote so that they will know there is a place to go. And give them the facts. The facts are all on our side and Americans will pay attention to them is they are made aware of them.
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Tammany Hall's notoriously corrupt Boss Tweed (a Democrat) once said, "I don't care who does the voting as long as I do the nominating." The 2-party system is indeed at the heart of our nation's political problems. Their monopoly on political power is based on their ability to restrict the choices we can make on election day. It is impossible to create an honest and truly representative government when that government is entirely staffed by hand-picked political hacks chosen for their willingness to support special interests over the public interest.
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I think it's past time for us tax payers who are paying bilions each year on illegals for social services,mediciad,food stamps public housing etc, to consider suing groups and organization who support illegal immigration under Title 8 Section 1324 of the United States Code which states aiding,abetting,encouraging,harboring,transporting and hiring illegals is a felony.Also the RICO Statues apply here also.(RICO)Racketeeer-Influenced and Corrupt Organization private persons and entities may initiate civil suits to obtain injunctions and treble damages against enterptises that conspire to or actually violate federal alien smuggling,harboring,or document fraud statue, under RICO.
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Contact judicial warch a conserative law firm that believes in enforcing immigration laws you can reach them at www.
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The Evansville Courier Press had a poll along with an article about State Senator Mike Delph's SB 213 on 01/18/2010.The poll asked readers if they supported the bill under different circumstances. 63% said they supported the bill even if it involves spending tax dollars.14% support but only if it doesn't involve spending state tax dollars and 21% said no leave it to the Federal government. This poll showed that 77% support Senator Delph's verification bill. 77% of those responding to the poll get it,I wonder if Evan Bayh or Dick Lugar get it?I will make sure they are made aware of this poll and ask once again if either of them do?
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Why is no one talking about the "underground economy" in our country...if princess pelosi thinks unemployment checks are a boost to our economy think about the $26 BILLION (2008) that is knowing being sent to mexico alone...then there is all the other countries, Guatemala, El Salvador and on & on
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Washington State will be one of the last states dragged kicking and screaming to mandate E-Verify. It is a blue state that loves its illegals, both Repubs on the east side of the state (Doc Hastings) and Dems across the mountains on the west side. While east hates west and vs vs, they all share one inescapable fact; they have family members who have a child with an illegal alien and this changes their perspective completely. The state has a huge illegal alien population, some counties having a majority, such as Franklin County. The results are blatant and "in your face" - Franklin County has spent millions of dollars on portables in 2011 alone - approximately 200 of them! - to educate the hoard of illegals coming here from other states that have cracked down on them. Gov "love our neighbors" Gregoire is now cutting into the deep austerity cuts she and Olympia made this year. And still the people refuse to demand citizens and those here legally be protected and supported as we have a right to expect. So as more and more states crack down, Washington State will become deeper and deeper in debt as we roll out the welcome mat to people who are overloading our system.
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Vonnise 2877 of FL's picture
But then wait, is this true???? Does HR 2885 contains a “Preemption” clause which says state and local government would no longer be permitted to enforce employer provisions in current immigration law. That is, should the bill become law, everything having to do with E-Verify and the enforcement of related immigration law itself would be turned over to the tender care of Janet Napolitano and the Department of Homeland Security! The states will actually be shut out and will have no say!!??