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The Department of Homeland Security has opened up its E-Verify Self Check tool to all 50 states. The easy-to-use, online tool allows U.S. citizens and legal immigrants to check their own employment eligibility through the E-Verify system.

DHS first rolled out the E-Verify Self-Check about a year ago, but it was only available in a few states - primarily the states that have passed mandatory E-Verify laws. In the fall of 2011, the self check tool was expanded to about 30 states, but now, anyone in America can access this great online tool.

There are two main benefits. One, it allows any U.S. citizen or legal immigrant to verify their work authorization status and make the necessary changes should they receive a tentative non-confirmation. Second, the tool demonstrates to all how quick and easy the E-Verify system really is. Users enter some key information, like name, address, and social security number, then you answer a few multiple choice questions to verify your identity, and in a few short minutes you have your result.

During our weekly webcast last Thursday, we demonstrated how to use the E-Verify Self Check tool. We went through the different steps and discussed the different types of outcomes and how to handle those outcomes. It took less than 5 minutes for me to learn my worker authorization status through the Self Check online tool.

We encourage you to watch the replay of our webcast and to try out the E-Verify Self Check system. You can find Self Check by visiting the USCIS website or by clicking on the link below the video picture.

After you've tried out the E-Verify Self Check, be sure to visit our E-Verify database that contains all the businesses in the U.S. with more than 5 employees that are using E-Verify already.

CHRIS CHMIELENSKI is the Director of Content & Activism for NumbersUSA

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