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DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano and the rest of the Obama Adminstration have been preaching the repetative Quixotic declaration that the Southwest border with Mexico is more secure now than it's ever been. Well, a shocking new video shows quite the contrary as drug smugglers use a simple car jack to lift the fence panels near Lukeville, Ariz. to open up an unobstructed gateway into the United States. Watch this eye-opening video now . . .

This video was first posted by Cochise County Sheriff Larry Dever. We've checked its authenticity with our DHS sources who have confirmed that the video is real and was taken recently. Our sources have also confirmed that they are actual drug smugglers based on the clothes they're wearing, the straps on their backpacks, and the other items they're carrying.

When the video begins, you see that the man wearing the mask and operating the car jack is on a cell phone. He's most likely talking to spotters on the U.S. side of the fence who are looking out for border patrol agents. As long as he gets the all-clear from the spotters, he proceeds to lift the fence panel about 3-4 feet allowing four smugglers who are carrying heavy backpacks most likely filled with drugs to crawl through the opening.

The smugglers will likely head for Route 85 in Southern Arizona where they'll be picked up and brought further into the country.

The most obvious question is: Where are the tens of thousands of border patrol agents that DHS keeps boasting about? The video is more than 5 minutes long, and with such flat terrain, this activity could be detected from at least a mile away. But the thousands of agents are nowhere to be found. This video makes a mockery of everything Sec. Napolitano has said about the border. Just last fall, we read reports that border arrests in the Tucson sector were down 40% from the previous year. Well, arrests are obviously going to be down when there's no border patrol agents there to seize the illegal crossers.

But it's also an embarrassment for Pres. Bush's Department of Homeland Security. It was his Administration that approved this design and didn't follow up after it was constructed. Our sources tell us the fence was designed to do what you see in the video. Two fence posts were installed so that fence panels could easily be slid in and out, but no one thought to weld the panels to the posts, and without any welding, the fence can be lifted as easy as a garage door. What we don't know is if the fence installers failed to weld the fence across the entire border or just in some sections.

U.S. taxpayers paid Boeing more than $1 billion through the Secure Border Initiative in the mid- to late-2000s. When Boeing was installing the fence, did they not think that the panels could easily be raised?

We're currently pressuring Congress to demand an investigation into how DHS could let this massive breach of border security happen. The investigation should also determine what needs to be done to the current fence so this doesn't happen again. And Boeing should pay for the whole thing!

Check you Action Board for new faxes to your Three Members of Congress expressing outrage and urging them to order an investigation and demand that Boeing pays for the needed repairs. Then, share this video with everyone you know -- share it through email, Facebook and Twitter. Every American should be outraged at what they'll see in this video!

CHRIS CHMIELENSKI is the Director of Content & Activism for NumbersUSA

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Updated: Fri, Feb 17th 2012 @ 12:49pm EST

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