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Over the past two weeks, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid have called their respective chambers back to Washington from the summer recess to pass a $600 million border-spending bill. DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano decreed the border secure with the supplemental funding, but a new video released by the Center for Immigration Studies shows quite a different reality.

Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Jerry Kammer, who is now a Senior Research Fellow with CIS, takes an in-depth look at the Border Patrol’s attempts to secure the border in Cochise County, which is located along the Tucson Sector of the Southwest border with Mexico.

While large steps have been taken over the past decade to secure the entire Southwest border, especially in the areas around San Diego and El Paso, a lack of resources has prevented the Border Patrol from adequately patrolling the entire border, and Kammer’s report exposes the weaknesses of the government’s effort.

Much of the land along the border in Cochise County is owned by rancher John Ladd. Video taken by Ladd and other cameras set up on and near his ranch by show droves of illegal aliens cutting through Ladd’s ranch, often carrying drugs, on their way to their rendezvous point with illegal alien smugglers.

The video also features an interview with an illegal alien now living and working for multiple fast food chains in Maryland who cut through the mountains adjacent to Ladd’s ranch. The Huachuca Mountains are patrolled by only four Border Patrol agents, and is one of the most porous sections of the Southwest border. The illegal alien explains how he hiked through the mountains and met up with two different smugglers on the U.S. side in order to avoid Border Patrol checkpoints.

Kammer’s 10-minute report is a must-watch, and evidence that $600 million of additional funding to an agency that receives more than $10 billion in annual funding is nothing more than simply throwing money at the problem. The video report discusses the politics of the Border Patrol and how their strategy in the Tucson Sector is not necessarily to prevent illegal crossings, but to apprehend illegal aliens after they’ve crossed to boost arrest statistics and ensure continued funding.

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Updated: Wed, Aug 18th 2010 @ 7:59am EDT

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