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What a horrible image of anarchy we saw at the San Diego border crossing this week when three vans with an estimated 70 illegal aliens tried to crash their way through hundreds of innocent passengers in dozens of vehicles.

Why did they do it?

I'm willing to say that a bunch of bishops and U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi invited them.

Do you think those 70 illegal aliens would have put themselves into that situation if they knew it would be impossible to get a decent job with decent working conditions and decent benefits in the United States?

Do you think they would have taken that risk if they knew that the only work they could find would be minimum wage (or less) jobs with no benefits and no legal protections because the employers are outlaws?

The SAVE Act (H.R. 3308) would require every employer in the country to use E-Verify to ensure that no illegal alien can get a new job or hold an old job.

The SAVE Act would easily have passed the U.S. House of Reprentatives last year if Speaker Pelosi (D-Calif.) had not blocked a vote.

Nearly 200 Members of both Parties co-sponsored the bill and signed a discharge petition to force a vote (short of the 218 needed) last year.

If U.S. Representatives had been forced to vote YES or NO on the SAVE Act, I have little doubt that it would have garnered pretty close to the 259 votes we won yesterday on the border security vote on the House floor (with 85 Democrats joining all the Republicans).

And that is what would happen now, if Speaker Pelosi would stop blocking it.

People from other countries would stop risking their lives -- and those of others -- to illegally enter this country if we stopped giving away prizes to the people who make it through.

Speaker Pelosi refuses to stop the danger on the border by refusing to end the constant supply of illegal foreign labor to unscrupulous employers.

And adding a kind of unholy blessing on all this risk taking, anarchy and violence on the border, we have more and more bishops of the United Methodist, Catholic, Lutheran and Episcopal denominations sending their voices through the international media proclaiming that illegal immigration should be rewarded with U.S. citizenship papers.

I am not calling for a muzzling of the free speech of these misguided clerics. But I do believe that their pro-amnesty rallies, resolutions and testimony create the results on the border of crying fire in a crowded theater.

Send faxes, make phone calls and visit offices to persuade your Members of Congress to add their names to the growing list of sponsors of the SAVE Act. Let's stop the violence on the border.

ROY BECK is Founder & CEO of NumbersUSA

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Updated: Fri, Sep 25th 2009 @ 7:15am EDT

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Linda, I've been a democrat for over 42 years. I think that by saying we should have amnesty these illegals keep coming in hope that next year everyone will get amnesty and automatically become an american with all it's rights. If a person in government doesn't expect people to obey our laws they are saying it's ok to break our laws, therefore they are inviting more and more to come in any way they can think of. Roy is absolutely right. If you gave amnesty to prisoners don't you think the next day after being released they would be breaking the law again. These businesses arn't being fined enough. In Washington they just gave a company probation for hiring illegals. Until they really mean business and shut down companies they will keep hiring illegals. Business as usual! We have to vote all our representatives out of office until then our country won't be ours but special interest groups and corporate america wanting CHEAP labor!
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SICK ! sick of this illegal alien problem. What is it the Obama regime doesn't understand about the word "illegal" ? Stop with the "undocumented" and call them what they are ! These politicians (all brands,I am an Independent and have seen few choices to support in recent years.) keep raising taxes, rewarding high priced corporate thieves for being incompetent, talking amnesty for illegals, invading countries for oil profits under the pretense of "weapons of mass destruction" (they themselves are the weapon of mass destruction, this country is their target) trying to void the Bill of Rights and totally ignore the people who put them in office. We need a large broom to sweep all political offices clean from the top of the heap all the way down to local city and town offices. I believe the corruption is so wide spread that the few good will have to be swept out with the crap just to be sure we get them all. I work for a living, pay to much in taxes and health insurance premiums, have to be drug tested because of my line of work, not to mention FBI, Homeland Security, TSA and SC State Gov background checks. These illegals just walk into the country and get schooling, medical, a place to live and a job...What is wrong with this picture ? This is not the country I was born in 58 years ago and I for one want that country back. I could go on for ever here but I'm preaching to the choir so I'll stop now.
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