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Great news from Capitol Hill - I'm doing a series of radio shows all day at the "Hold Their Feet to the Fire" event, and talking on my cell phone in between with our Hill lobbyists, but I am pleased to hear that the House Judiciary Committee is not returning today to pass a giant foreign worker increase.  (Click here to read my previous blog on this topic)

Everybody expected the committee to pass three bad immigration bills yesterday (H.R. 6020, H.R. 5882, and H.R. 5924). But the defenders of the American worker and the opponents of amnesty presented so many amendments that the committee only dealt with one of the bills by the evening.

One of the amendments would have prohibited amnesty to illegal aliens who have committed espionage or armed robbery. The pro-amnesty leadership in the committee got so flustered that they shut the meeting down and decided not to return.

We really don't know the plans for the other bills which would add more than 550,000 permanent foreign workers next year, but the fact that the committee is now not scheduled to meet until next Tuesday is a good sign that the clock is running out on the brazen attempt to appease greedy industry lobbyists during a time of rising unemployment. Congress is not expected to remain in session after September 26. The plan of the open-borders House leadership has been to pass these bills in the House so that the Senate can add them to the reauthorization of the E-Verify program.

The important thing now is for everyone to continue to call and fax the House leadership and members of the House Judiciary Committee so they know that the public has not moved on to some other issue and will continue to watch their every move.

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Updated: Wed, Oct 15th 2008 @ 1:01pm EDT

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