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The most important vote in the fight against immigration next Tuesday will take place in Arizona.

Contrary to its name, "The Stop Illegal Hiring Act," Proposition 202 abolishes the use of E-Verify in Arizona and requires the state to wait for the federal government in actions against employers.

If you want to help maintain the momentum of enforcement against illegal immigration, the most important thing you can do is make an immediate credit card donation to the Arizona group fighting Proposition 202 in Arizona.

Click here to donate to the NO ON PROP. 202 ad campaign.

They need the money today. This organization is run by reputable, experienced elected officials and long-time political leaders of the state who have been tireless opponents of illegal immigration.

If Prop. 202 passes, it will send a signal throughout the country of retreat on enforcement. Because it would gut Arizona's young but very aggressive workplace verification law, we would lose probably our best example of how Attrition Through Enforcement opens up jobs for American workers and drives illegal aliens to move.

We are in danger of losing this Arizona vote because the greedy business supporters of Prop. 202 like the Arizona Farm Bureau, Arizona McDonalds Operators Association, and the Southern Arizona home Builders Association have outspent our side at least 10-1 on advertising -- and have been allowed to commit fraud in the way the Proposition is named.

Your donation will help increase the NO ON PROP. 202 ads in these last few days -- to warn Arizona voters, most of whom do not know that Prop. 202 would gut workplace enforcement against illegal alien workers.

It appears that all kinds of Arizonans who oppose illegal immigration are prepared to vote for Prop. 202 because they falsely think it would increase enforcement against illegal immigration.

We need some massive last-minute advertising to stop this calamity.

None of this money is for NumbersUSA. Your gift goes directly and entirely to the Arizona ad campaign.

Give here:

American workers

Updated: Tue, Nov 11th 2008 @ 10:43am EST

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