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SEE WHO TOPS THE LISTS: Members of Congress whose immigration actions really protect J-O-B-S


Lots of big talk about J-O-B-S these last few days before the elections, but we've prepared a list of 20 U.S. Representatives and 19 U.S. Senators who are the best in Congress at consistently taking immigration actions that really protect jobs for American workers.

We are engaged in a national public relations campaign to publicize the wonderful work of these Members of Congress.

In the Senate, we are spotlighting the 19 who over the last two Congresses (2005-2008) have earned a NumbersUSA immigration-reduction grade of A-minus, A or A+.  Only 19 of the 100 have earned the right to be called:

GRADE-A SENATORS FOR SENSIBLE IMMIGRATION (to protect U.S. workers & quality of life)

Click here to see the full list of Grade-A Senators:


In the U.S. House of Representatives, we are publicizing the best 10 of each Party. These 20 Members have outperformed 95% of their colleagues in protecting wages and jobs for American workers. We call them:

TOP TEN in the HOUSE (for sensible immigration to protect U.S. jobs & quality of life)

Click here to see the full list of Top Ten Representatives:


All of these Top Ten elected officials earned A-Grades for their immigration actions, as did nearly 100 other pro-worker Representatives.  But these Top Ten Members of the House earned the best grades of all.


All of these 39 pro-American-worker politicians share the common courage of defying the national leaders of their political Party.

The Party leaders are willing to abandon vulnerable American workers for the sake of both high illegal and high authorized immigration because of special interests that make money or gain power from high immigration. 

The Republicans on Sensible Immigration lists had to oppose the President and White House from their own Party.  They had to oppose this year's Presidential nominee of their own Party.  There were political risks to standing up for the workers in their Districts and states, but they did it -- time after time.

The Democrats on these lists probably had to be even more courageous.  Not only do their national Party leaders and Presidential candidate push for mass amnesties and increased importation of foreign workers, but so do the Democratic leaders of both the House and Senate.

Fortunately, Members of Congress from both Parties have attitudes much like that of Rep. John Barrow (D-Ga.) who told a NumbersUSA conference last spring that whenever there is an immigration-policy conflict between what the leaders of his Party ask him to do and what the workers of his District need him to do, he will defy Party leaders without hesitation.

I hope you who read this blog will share it with many other Americans so they can see it really is possible for politicians to put American workers and communities first when it comes to immigration policies.


I certainly hope you click on the links above to look at the Senators and Representatives whose immigration actions are the model for the nation.

These Members of Congress earned their grades based on their immigration votes on the floor and in committees of the U.S. Senate, and on their co-sponsorship of legislation in the current Congress and the previous one (2005-2008).

Through their immigration actions, they have done more than most Senators:

  • to restore respect for the rule of law and reduce illegal immigration
  • to help American workers avoid cuts in their wages and loss of jobs to foreign workers
  • to improve the employment possibilities of the most vulnerable Americans, especially the Hispanic and Black underclasses
  • to protect environmental resources from federally-forced population growth
  • to spare communities from worsening congestion and quality of life
  • to reduce the growth in U.S. energy demand

NumbersUSA's grades reflect every recorded action by these Senators and Representatives which would affect overall immigration numbers. NumbersUSA positively grades all actions that would reduce both illegal and authorized immigration. 

These 39 Members of Congress have contributed greatly through their immigration actions toward a more economically just and environmentally sustainable America.

(NumbersUSA Action is a non-partisan, non-profit organization with more than 850,000 online activist members who work for lower overall immigration numbers that don't force U.S. population growth and congestion and that don't depress American wages. NumbersUSA does not treat race, ethnicity or national origin as a factor in immigration policy, and never endorses candidates for elections.)

 ROY BECK is founder & CEO of NumbersUSA

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