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The best place -- perhaps the only place -- in America for you to follow the Election Night results and their implications for immigration policy will be at on Tuesday night.

We'll be live-reporting the news and analysis from 6 p.m. Tuesday night into the wee hours of Wednesday -- as we did two years ago.

I and our entire NumbersUSA team of analysts, researchers and activist mobilizers will be camped in our conference room all night to provide you with immigration news hooks via

  1. webcast,
  2. Twitter,
  3. Facebook,
  4. emailed updates and
  5. live blogging and more on our Election Central web page.

Be sure to follow @NumbersUSA and @RoyBeck_NUSA for the latest immigration Twitter coverage.

HAVE A QUESTION ON ELECTION NIGHT? We will be here for you if an immigration-related question comes to you while watching election results on TV and other websites. Just come to our Election Central web page and ask us directly through the links provided you on that page.

WANT TO HELP US GET OUR MESSAGE OUT? Gigantic foundations have put millions of dollars into organizations to promote their pro-amnesty views on Election Night. Our Election Central web page will provide you many ways that you can help us correct errors and get our own message out to everybody who follows social media and the internet which journalists will also be following.

WEBCAST: We will be webcasting whenever there is election news that has importance to immigration policy. And we will keep videos of each of those webcasts posted on our webpage.

In particular, we will be watching the results for the 20 congressional races that Chris Chmielenski and his team say carry the most importance for our immigration issue. We will also be looking for meaning in the presidential voting in various states, as well as in some special state and local elections.

We'll all be here Tuesday night. I hope you'll connect with us in one-to-five ways!

ROY BECK is the Founder & CEO of NumbersUSA

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Updated: Thu, May 11th 2017 @ 4:29pm EDT

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