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  by  Roy Beck

Well, they did it. 

The Presidential candidates got to election day without disappointing The Establishment which thrives on massive foreign labor importation.

No matter how much Sen. McCain and Sen. Obama talked of helping main street or Joe the Plumber or the middle-class or the forgotten Americans -- and no matter how much they talked of change and shaking up the Washington establishment -- the fact is that ON IMMIGRATION ISSUES, both have reached election day with almost no veering from the status quo, fatcat, Robber Baron approach of the Establishment that drove Pres. Bush's immigration policies his first six years.

America can just hope that whomever wins Tuesday, that new President indeed will break most of his promises when it comes to immigration.

We can tell that Obama and McCain aren't proud of their immigration positions because they have barely brought them up throughout the campaign (except in Spanish-language ads and interviews, where they more aggressively tout their undying support for amnesty for illegal aliens).

Nonetheless, both the Obama and McCain campaigns, when pushed over the weekend, stated that their dream is to grant U.S. citizenship to most of the 12-20 million foreign nationals who have wanted to be Americans badly enough to break our laws to get in or to stay here.

We have lived with tomorrow's sad immigration outcome for a long time. After Super Tuesday last winter, it became apparent that both Parties were going to nominate the man who probably was the most radical in preferring illegal aliens over American workers and communities.


I am optimistic, though.

McCain and Obama to the very end of the campaign have felt they have to reassure their Establishment that they won't upset the status quo of allowing around 2 million new foreign workers and families into the country each year.

But I really do believe that they won't be able to keep their mostly-whispered promises.

Regardless of what they may have said about immigration throughout the year (and their careers), the stock market crash and rapidly rising unemployment will shine a public spotlight on a terribly inconvenient choice they must make:

They will have to choose between helping the establishment have their illegal aliens and other cheap foreign labor ...

... or helping jobless Americans find work.

The unemployment numbers announced later this week surely will have risen, but a month ago the Labor Department said 9.5 million Americans were officially searching for work and not finding it.

Those 9.5 million Americans are mostly in the construction, service and manufacturing occupations where most of the estimated 7 million illegal foreign workers hold jobs.

It seems logically inconceivable that Obama or McCain would consider proposing an amnesty (they will call it "legalization") that would permanently remove an estimated 7 million jobs from America's legitimate workers.

Don't you think?

Your job -- our job -- will be to immediately force the new president-elect to realize that representing the interests of illegal aliens and their Establishment promoters is an elitist luxury they can't afford in a recession commanding the nation's attention.

ROY BECK is Founder & CEO of NumbersUSA


Updated: Tue, Nov 11th 2008 @ 10:42am EST

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