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  by  Roy Beck

The Virginia Commission on Immigration has just given a disturbing glimpse into how little sanity can exist when too many ideologues gather in one place.

With members appointed by Gov. Kaine and the Legislature, the commission was charged with finding solutions to the state's mounting immigration problems during a year of rapidly rising unemployment.

The verdict?

  • Grant a mass amnesty to the unscrupulous construction contractors, service businesses and manufacturers who have been enticing illegal aliens to take jobs away from Virginia workers.
  • Offer U.S. citizenship to all the illegal workers so they can permanently keep those jobs out of the hands of unemployed Virginians.
  • Oh, and here's the really brilliant suggestion -- increase the importation of new foreign workers

Do you think any of the commission members would care to walk into the local unemployment office and announce these findings to all the unemployed Virginians standing in line?

I don't know. When it comes to high-immigration ideologues, I tend to find that there is no shame.  Their utmost priority is always to have as high a level of immigration as possible.  It doesn't matter how many people get hurt.  It doesn't matter how many Americans lose their job, lose the opportunity of getting a job or have their wages depressed.  It doesn't matter how high the population growth soars, the congestion clogs, the infrastructure is overwhelmed.

Nothing matters to the high-immigration ideologues but high immigration.

I once thought there could be some limit, some sign of humanity or practical intelligence among these ideologues.

But I am losing some hope on that score.

The present economic crisis is providing the test and most of the high-immigration ideologues are failing it. They look at the mounting human toll of unemployment and personal financial collapse among Americans and they proclaim that WE NEED MORE FOREIGN WORKERS.

Many in the media report these heartless recommendations and suggest that they probably will go through because American voters no longer are riled up about out-of-control immigration.

Please prove them wrong.  Go to our Action Buffet now and send the free faxes available to you there. Make the phone calls we have provided with talking points.

For those of you in Virginia, you will find ways to protest the commission findings.  Those of you in many other states will find similar local actions you can take. If you have a local action you would propose for us to share with your neighbors, please make that suggestion here.

ROY BECK is Founder & CEO of NumbersUSA.
America's Jobless

Updated: Tue, Dec 2nd 2008 @ 3:19pm EST

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