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  by  Roy Beck

I have no doubt that the President and all the Members of Congress who this week expressed concern for unemployed veterans were sincere. 

But I also believe that, for the majority of them, moving young veterans into jobs is a much lower priority for them than to continue high levels of immigration to satisfy one special interest group or another. 

What our country's unemployed veterans have to keep in mind is that Pres. Obama, Senate Majority Leader Reid and House Speaker Boehner have spent the first 10 months of this year making sure that 7 million illegal aliens keep their U.S. jobs and making sure that another ONE MILLION legal immigrants have been given permanent work permits to compete with veterans for jobs.

For most of our politicians, this is a day to "Honor Our Veterans As Long As It Doesn't Interfere With Mass Immigration."


Take a look at the following from an article by Allison Linnfrom the NBC Today Show website:

Friday is Veterans Day, and chances are some of the nation’s most recent vets are hoping it’s the day they get a job.

The unemployment rate for veterans (who) have served since September 2001 — referred to by the Bureau of Labor Statistics as Gulf War II-era vets — was 12.1 percent in October. That's well above the comparable, non-seasonally adjusted rate of 8.5 percent for the broader population. . . .

The 12.1 percent rate for October translates into 240,000 veterans of the most recent wars who were looking for work, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Keep in mind that the 12.1% unemployment rate is based on the narrowest definition (the official U-3 rate).  Although we don't know the official broader U-6 unemployment rate, usual trends suggest that 20% of these more recent veterans who want a full-time job can't find one.

You've probably heard some talk by politicians about giving some tax credits to employers who hire unemployed vets.  But almost none of those making the proposal has shown the slightest interest in limiting the number of new foreign workers brought in to compete with veterans for jobs.

For the immigration fanatics who have majority power in the federal government, nothing is more important than increasing the number of foreign workers in this country -- not even putting unemployed veterans into a job.

ROY BECK is Founder & CEO of NumbersUSA

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