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Amnesty Petition to Obama Worthless?


Dear Sir: I'm afraid that if you believe that any petition from this organization or any other so inclined will affect Obama's decisions on this issue, you are sadly deluded.

-- Steven of Texas

Hopelessness is a dangerous thing. I'm afraid I'm seeing too much of that among our NumbersUSA faxers, and I want to make an emergency appeal for you to break out of it right now. SIGN THE PETITION. FORWARD THE PETITION.

Yes, we have huge immigration-policy challenges in Washington after the elections. But we beat the Bush Administration repeatedly. And we can do the same with the Obama Administration (as we would have fought the McCain Administration).


You who voted for Republicans may want to crawl in a hole and forget about politics for awhile. You who voted for Democrats may be afraid to challenge your Party aggressively so early.

Our country cannot afford such inaction from liberals, conservatives, Republicans or Democrats.

That is why the petition urging Pres-Elect Obama to reject amnesty is so important -- and urgent.

Obama and his transition team need to know that our side of the immigration debate is not depressed into inaction by the election of yet-another open-border president.

And all who are disappointed by the election results need to act their way out of their depression.


Right now, too many have the opinion of Steven that anybody who thinks a petition from voters will affect Obama's decisions on amnesty "are sadly deluded."

Can the petition DETERMINE Obama’s decision? No.

Dictate? No.

AFFECT his decisions? Yes, I do think that. Maybe not by much, but combined with many other actions we are and will be taking, do I think this petition campaign can save both the country and the Obama presidency from a disaster?

As Gov. Palin might say: YOU BETCHA!

I can guarantee that if we don’t do the petition campaign immediately – if we don’t start sending faxes to Congress immediately – there is a good chance we will get an amnesty.

But we have evidence and experience that doing something -- early, massively and often -- can stop this train wreck.

We beat Pres. Bush on his push for an amnesty seven years in a row (he didn’t try in his eighth).

Come on, don’t all of you remember how bleak it looked so many times 2001-2007?

If anything, Bush was more passionately committed to an amnesty than is Obama. Every part of the establishment considered it impossible to stop the amnesty. But NumbersUSA never blinked a single time. Nor did most of the Americans who signed up with NumbersUSA to use its many tools.

Have you signed the petition?

Have you forwarded it to everybody you know?

Have you sent the new faxes to your Members of Congress?

I am confident that the post-election paralysis is wearing off and that you will step back up to the task before you. It is the willingness of masses of Americans taking these small actions together that has won the day in the past and can do so again.

Even though Pres.-Elect Obama almost never indicated his support for amnesty during the campaign in English, we know this is what he wants, especially because of his vigorous amnesty promises in Spanish-language ads.

Please know that your NumbersUSA Capitol Hill Team is already beginning to do the inside-Washington work to leverage the grassroots opposition that you are now generating.  Of course, the petition alone won't do the job.  It is just one of many tools now engaged and still-to-be engaged over the next few months. We are unlikely to win unless we are using all those tools.

Obama-supporters, use your support to help the new Administration understand how much an amnesty push will undermine other efforts.

Obama-opponents, don't dare let him off the hook through your inaction.

 ROY BECK is Founder & CEO of NumbersUSA 

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