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Memorial Day For Supreme Sacrifice While Some U.S. Leaders Won't Give An Inch On Cheap Votes & Cheap Foreign Labor


On a weekend when we honor those who gave up EVERYTHING (their lives) for their national community, the economic and political elites showed they won't give up anything for the national community when it comes to protecting vulnerable U.S. workers and families from unfair immigration competition.

The Obama Administration joined the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in urging the Supreme Court to stop states from opening up illegal-alien-filled jobs for unemployed Americans. 

Our government continues to ask American men and women to risk their very lives in service of a national interest.  But it won't make even minor sacrifices in its selfish immigration goals.


I'm talking about the national Democratic Party leadership's equal refusal to help vulnerable Americans because of the Party's selfish quest to turn millions of illegal aliens into predominantly Democratic voters.

The Obama Administration kicked off the Memorial Day weekend like this:

. . . urged the Supreme Court to review and set aside an Arizona law that sanctions employers who hire illegal immigrants, saying it would disrupt the 'careful balance' that Congress struck in federal immigration law.

-- 'Administration urges review of Ariz. law on hiring illegal residents,' by Robert Barnes, 29 MAY 2010, Washington Post

The "careful balance" of federal immigration laws is one that attempts to keep the United States from being totally over-run with illegal foreign workers but that allows sufficient millions to continue to hold jobs and hold down the overall wages that U.S. employers have to pay all their workers.

Arizona -- and a dozen other states -- have upset that careful balance by starting to require all employers to use the E-Verify system to keep illegal aliens out of jobs (or at least requiring that for government agencies and government contractors).

The Obama Administration wants to make sure that hiring verification remains voluntary for businesses.  This makes it much easier for unscrupulous employers to just skip E-Verify and to claim that they didn't know that they were hiring illegal aliens.

Is Pres. Obama THAT fond of low wages and the businesses that pay them?  Probably not.

But Pres. Obama apparently has bought into the national Democratic elites' selfish global voter registration effort which sees millions of illegal aliens as potential Democratic votes in the future.

Although public anger at 30 years of mounting illegal immigration has driven Pres. Obama and most Democrats into a political stance of pledging to try to stop future illegal immigration, they have yet to show one ounce of interest in opening up at least 7 million jobs for unemployed Americans by moving illegal aliens out of those jobs.  The national Democratic leadership knows that for decades they have gotten at least 2 votes for every 1 vote the Republicans get out of foreign workers who become citizens (even when it is a Republican President who gives them an amnesty).

Thus, Pres. Obama and Democratic leaders appear willing to do almost anything to make sure that illegal aliens remain in this country, remain in their jobs and remain available for an amnesty some day that will turn them into a voter bonanza for the Democratic Party. 

That's why the Obama Administration in the same week:

  • offered to help Arizona with 1,200 National Guard troops on the border to slow down the flow of illegal aliens into the state,
  • and then immediately went to court to try to make sure that Arizona businesses can have a relatively easy time of hiring the illegal aliens who continue to get across the border as well as those who are already in the state.


I'm also talking today about the unwillingness of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the national Republican Party leadership to let go of illegal workers and wage depression in order to allow a significant improvement in economic well-being for the most vulnerable workers and households in our national community. 

Although polls show that most business owners and most top corporation excecutives don't think this nation should coddle illegal workers or import more foreign workers, the top business lobbyists in Washington work hand-in-glove with the Democrats to keep the illegal workforce protected.

And these business lobbyists -- representing the vocal minority of business owners and executives who favor immigration as a wage-depressing policy -- have made sure that most of the top leaders of the Republican Party's national leadership are working (mostly behind the scenes) to push an amnesty and increases in foreign labor.

Most of the Republican political strategists with the ears of the Party leadership and Republican congressional leadership are working overtime to keep illegal aliens in their jobs. 


With such selfishness and hostility toward U.S. workers displayed at the tops of both of our political Parties, I feel even more like weeping over the ultimate sacrifice of life that so many of our military are called upon to make, supposedly in defense of the interests of their national community.

Most combat veterans (at least those who don't come back incapacitated for life) have always been struck by the unbalanced nature of military sacrifice.  While they get to return home and live out their lives with all the fullness of family, friends, passions, service and work, their dead comrades lost everything.  The sacrifice doesn't get averaged out. The surviving veterans hae no way to give up part of their happiness to share with their dead comrades.

But when thinking of ultimate sacrifice on this Memorial Day of 2010, wouldn't it be nice if the Democratic Party would make a bit of a sacrifice by giving up some potential votes in the future in order to share economic and social well-being with our most deprived fellow citizens?

And wouldn't it show some much due respect for our fallen military as well as for our social contract as Americans if the Republican Party would make a bit of a sacrifice by giving up the adulation of the most unscrupulous and greedy minority of the business community for whom holding wages down is their chief patriotic motivation?

ROY BECK is Founder & CEO of NumbersUSA

P.S. As I try to do every Memorial Day, I ask you to say outloud the names of the people you knew who sacrificed everything while you continue to live, as I name my schoolmates (from working-class families in my little home town) who never came back:  John Hanson, Alan Ruddell, Jerry Petty

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