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A new half-hour video assembles some two dozen of the nation's foremost leaders in protecting American workers. The video gives them a soapbox to explain how elected leaders use high immigration to drive down the wages of -- and throw out of work -- many of the country's most vulnerable citizens. Watch a six-minute trailer or go directly to the full video. Use them in programs for civic clubs, unions, veterans groups and churches.

Somebody came into my office earlier this week and talked about the crying need for a video that could explain key aspects of the immigration issue to members of the public who gather in small groups.

I was so pleased to say that the video already exists!

Immigration 103 -- American Trauma: Jobs and the Economy

May 28, 2009

Duration: 34 min 40 sec
(The full video)

"Immigration 103 -- American Trauma: Jobs and the Economy" is your personal college short course that is especially appropriate during this time of extreme unemployment.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to sit in a room in Washington D.C. during a spirited discussion among immigration experts with backgrounds in the old INS, the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, FAIR, NumbersUSA, the Center for Immigration Studies, the Heritage Foundation and many others?

This is your chance.


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As most of you know, Americans who have not yet joined us in our quest for sensible immigration policies tend to be afraid that this issue will expose them to nasty, mean or narrow-minded views. Opinion leaders have convinced them that it just isn't nice to ever call for lower immigration numbers, no matter how high those numbers might go.

In fact, though, our side has always been heavily represented by thoughtful, highly educated people of high ethical principles who come from all backgrounds.

Although the news media have done a pretty thorough job of keeping that image of our side from the public, this video lets it shine through.

I hope you will look for all kinds of ways to expose a new audience of citizens to this video and to the common-sense and moral arguments to reduce legal and illegal immigration numbers as a means of social and economic justice for the most vulnerable Americans among us.

ROY BECK is Founder & CEO of NumbersUSA

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