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  by  Roy Beck

Earlier today -- before the White House amnesty meeting -- I sent the following letter to each of the 535 Members of Congress.

Most media and political focus on "reforming" our immigration system is based on concern for the 12 million citizens of other countries who have broken our immigration laws and have illegally taken residence and jobs in this country. My letter attempts to persuade these politicians that their focus should be on the 14 million Americans (and their families) who have lost their jobs and can't find another one. As I said in a CNN interview today, 6 to 7 million unemployed Americans would have jobs if not for the presence of the illegal aliens.

Most importantly, my letter puts each Member of Congress on notice that 900,000 members of NumbersUSA will make sure that all supporters of amnesty answer for their actions during next year's elections.


June 25, 2009

Dear Senator/Representative xmxmxmxm:

One week following U.S. Labor Department reports that there were more than five job seekers for every job opening and unemployment jumped to 9.4%, President Obama is meeting with lawmakers to discuss increasing immigration. The 900,000 grassroots activists of NumbersUSA ask you to stand for the 14.5 million unemployed U.S. workers when entering any discussion on immigration.

Consider the political impracticality and moral implications of a vote for amnesty or granting permanent job permits to 8 million illegal foreign workers while 14.5 million U.S. workers remain jobless.

How would you explain a vote like that during your next election campaign?

As the economic downturn continues and millions more Americans search for a way to support themselves and their families, we urge you to take immediate steps that will reduce the number of both legal and illegal new job seekers so we can put Americans back to work. During the midterm elections NumbersUSA and our members will work hard to reward legislators that supported the unemployed.

NumbersUSA is closely monitoring 5 GREAT true immigration reform bills that would lower overall immigration numbers and would speed putting unemployed Americans back to work:  
  • Rep. Phil Gingrey's H.R. 878 to end Chain Migration,
  • Rep. Bob Goodlatte's H.R. 2305 to end the Visa Lottery,
  • Rep. Nathan Deal's H.R. 1868 to end Birthright Citizenship,
  • Rep. Marsha Blackburn's H.R. 2406 to assist Local Enforcement
  • and Rep. Heath Shuler's SAVE Act to mandate E-Verify.
Will you vote to protect outlaw businesses that hire illegal immigrants for jobs that should go to unemployed Americans?  Instead, we ask that you co-sponsor, support and work to pass these 5 GREAT bills. They will:
  • Open millions of jobs currently held by illegal aliens so unemployed Americans can have them.
  • Significantly reduce the 138,000 new foreign workers that we pump into the labor force every month.
  • Call a time-out on chain migration and the visa lottery, both of which bring a nearly endless stream of job seekers -- without any regard to skills, education or need -- who put downward pressure on wages and benefits for Americans lucky enough not to lose their job.

Please say NO to any kind of amnesty for illegal workers, and say YES to LESS immigration in order to put unemployed U.S. workers first.


Roy Beck
President, NumbersUSA


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Great Letter, Roy. I agree with some who said it should be posted in every newspaper along with the Congressmens names who voted against unemployed Americans. We need to start campaigning now to get them out of office because they have already shown they are not going to listen to us.
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In my opinion, NumbersUSA has the most logical and effective approach to combat illegal immigration; however, they too are at a juncture that requires a surge of support in the effort to restore immigration law enforcement and integrity to the American workplace. I suggest that this added surge of support must come from the Hispanic community, along with other Americans who remain virtually silent. I refer to the Hispanic community merely based on statistics indicating that over fifty-percent of the illegal population in the U.S. is comprised of Hispanics. Underlying tensions spurred by ethnicity must be dispelled and the inconsequential wall of race torn down. Twenty-three years of government apathy toward immigration enforcement is adversely affecting the livelihoods' and opportunities for ALL American, the Hispanic community inclusive. The bottom line is; that the perpetuation of depressed wages, inequitable In-State tuition discounts, rising healthcare costs, excessive tax burdens, etc., are barriers to the future success of ALL Americans. The so-called 'jobs that Americans won't do' used to be an introduction into the 'real world' of working for high school students, graduates fresh from high school and jobs for college students to pay for their education. This stepping stone or introduction into the 'real world', at a young age, has all but disappeared. Washington, DC and most politicians brush immigration enforcement support polls aside in fear or favor of their personal political aspirations. Unfortunately, the unintended consequences and their apathetic shoulder shrug leaves ALL Americans standing at an economic status quo, African-Americans, Asian-Americans, Hispanic-Americans and Euro-Americans. Enforcing America's immigration laws is of great consequence to us ALL.

NumbersUSA Moderator: Thank you for your many excellent points, Mark. As the Hispanic members of NumbersUSA can attest, the Hispanic community suffers from the same lack of leadership on this issue as others do. We must all work to change the mindset of the leaders within our own communities.

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I live in CA - the state of Feinstein and Boxer for illegals. I have started signing more and more of my faxes reminding them who voted for them and who pays their salaries. I AM their constituent. I AM the one paying their salaries - I am the one they need to work for. Maybe it helps, maybe it doesn't. It's not threatening but is a reminder that I CAN VOTE and I DO. I encourage others to remind all of their representatives who votes today - it's US, NOT illegals.
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Hi Mark - I agree. I have been pleased to see more and more articles highlighting the plight of legal immigrants (NOT that I am happy to see them suffering, I am not)to show that it's not just American citizens - it's all folks here LEGALLY who are suffering. These are the articles I have been pointing out to my representatives.
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Perhaps the present representatives will be out of a job also when the members of USA will express their displeasure in their next election! This is a very serious situation and Washington is very lax in rolling up their sleeves to do some real work to solve the problem. We are tired of lip service and excuses! This is the USA -- not a third world country....YET!!
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Maybe if our elected officials took a 15% decrease in their pay they would recognize the plite of America's jobless. Yet, that is still not enough. Maybe they should give up their pay for a month or two to help reduce the three trillion dollar deficite they voted for.
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Someone needs to put an email address out to us of where we can bombard emails to the President that I understand wants to make all illegals here legal!! How about Numbers USA giving all of us an address!!