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  by  Roy Beck

At the moment I am posting this blog, our computers show that voters who care about their unemployed American neighbors have sent 693,437 faxes THIS MONTH through NumbersUSA to Congress and the White House.

The message of the faxes is loud and clear: NO amnesty and LESS immigration.

I'm pleased that the ANTI-amnesty message is still running more than 3-1 over the PRO-amnesty message.

Hundreds of PRO-amnesty organizations -- backed by tens of millions of dollars from wealthy foundations -- have banded together and sent 200,000 faxes this month, according to (the pro-amnesty umbrella group).

That is an impressive number and far more than the open-borders side has ever done in the past. It represents the efforts of the last two years to use huge amounts of money to imitate NumbersUSA's grassroots mobilization efforts.

Still, I am glad to see that a modestly funded organization like ours can still out-mobilize the rich open-borders groups because, frankly, our cause is more logical, more just, more practical and much more widely supported by the American people.  (On the matter of funding, compare NumbersUSA to just one of the hundreds of pro-amnesty groups, the National Council of La Raza.  Its budget is roughly TEN times larger than NumbersUSA's.) 

Just this week, Americans sent 93,012 faxes through NumbersUSA on Monday, and 86,555 on Tuesday!

I assume that the pro-amnesty groups can demonstrate that its 200,000 faxes are real.  We certainly can demonstrate that our numbers are real to any independent media observer who would like to confirm our activism claims at any point. 

The pro-amnesty coalition is rallying its activists around the fact that "Thursday, Pres. Obama is ringing the opening bell of the fight to reform immigration."

The pro-amnesty forces have held scores of summits, press conferences, prayer vigils and symposia across America this month to try to force Obama to pass an amnesty this year.  We are aware of at least $48 million pledged by foundations (not counting tens of millions more pledged by big corporations) to passing the amnesty this year.

All Americans can be thankful for the  693,437 faxes sent by ordinary citizens this month through NumbersUSA to muffle that open-borders bell and instead to ring the bell of freedom for U.S. citizens to protect their own quality of life from radical immigration numbers.

ROY BECK is Founder & CEO of NumbersUSA


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