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  by  Roy Beck

Before Pres. Obama meets with his pro-amnesty posse in the White House, I wish he could spend some time in Putnam County, Indiana where I've spent recent days researching some of the pioneer history of my ancestors. 

All the service personnel in my motel, the restaurants, gas stations, etc. are native-born Americans. It is strong evidence that if Obama would stop promising amnesty and would enforce immigration laws that millions of unemployed Americans would be happy to take the jobs opened by departing illegal aliens.


There are two big arguments for amnesty. (1) One is that 11-18 million illegal aliens are deserving of our compassion because they have worked so hard at jobs we need them to do to make our lives comfortable. (2) The second is that if the illegal aliens left, there would not be Americans to fill those jobs, and the quality of our lives would deteriorate.

People who live on the coasts get easily sucked into these myths that Americans won't make beds, sweep floors and work retail counters because they don't see Americans doing it where they live.

But in most counties in the U.S., Americans do every job that needs to be done. All you have to do is drive about 100 miles inward from the four borders and you will see this.

The guests at my Cloverdale, Indiana motel were multi-ethnic and looked a lot like what I see in motels on the East Coast -- Black, White, Indian and Chinese.

But all the maids were White Americans (reflecting the overwhelming racial group of Putnam County). The women operating the washing machines were White Americans. The desk clerks did not speak with German or British accents, as is so common at coastal state hotels. Rather, they were just White Americans. In the county seat of Greencastle, the waitresses, busboys, etc. were all native-born Americans, as were the gas station managers. As were the Dari-ette girls in Bainbridge.


My point is not that White Americans -- OR native-born Americans -- are any better at these jobs than anybody else. 

But I want to refute the pro-amnesty argument that service jobs are beneath the dignity of Americans -- and especially of White Americans. Congresswoman Sheila Jackson-Lee once even told me that she didn't want her unemployed Black and Hispanic constituents working service and food-handling jobs because she wanted them all to be high-tech workers! (Of course, the good Congresswoman from Houston also votes routinely to fill more U.S. tech jobs with foreign workers.)

Some open-borders supporters try to suggest that our efforts to improve employment among the Black American underclass by opening up service jobs is somehow an argument that service jobs shouldn't be done by White Americans. Nothing is further from the truth. Our big point is that Black, White, Hispanic and Indigenous Americans in the underclass need these stepping stone service jobs to get a toe-hold into the jobs economy and eventually the middle class.  

The fact is that Americans of every race and ethnic group do every kind of service job now.  And if Pres. Obama and Congress would stop allowing illegal aliens to fill an estimated 7 million service, manufacturing and construction jobs, a whole lot more Americans would have jobs in those fields.

As for the argument that we owe compassion to the illegal aliens for doing such hard work for us: How about some compassion for the Black, White, Hispanic and Indigenous Americans who have been denied the chance to do that hard work and have been stuck in poverty because the illegal aliens have taken the jobs?

We don't have to import foreign labor or allow illegal foreign labor in order to fill the service jobs of our country.

Earlier last week, Shirley and I were at a family reunion at an inter-racial, blue-collar resort near Hermann, Missouri. Reflecting the ethnic composition of Gasconade County, all the people sweating under the 90-degree sun keeping the grass mowed, the gravel roads graded, the pools cleaned and Lost Valley Lake patrolled were White native-born Americans. 


In counties with low immigration, the jobs get done without immigrants.  

Putnam County's population is just 0.83% foreign born -- not even 1%.

All the people screaming in Obama's ear to provide permanent U.S. work visas to illegal aliens make claims that would mean that nothing should work in a county like Putnam. But everything gets done in Putnam.

Obama will hear a lot of nonsense in his meeting this week with the amnesty boosters. Does he have any experience -- or do any of his top advisors have experience -- to know that what he hears bears no relationship with reality?

 ROY BECK is Founder & CEO of NumbersUSA


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