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Congressional appropriators start deciding tomorrow (June 18) whether to provide the dollars to continue the tightening vise on illegal immigrants in local communities. Powerful special interests are insisting on a withdrawal of funding for programs like 287(g) that are resulting in snowballing arrests and removals. Deciding where the federal tax money gets spent may have a lot more to do with whether we win the battle against illegal immigration than whether Obama or McCain wins the presidency. I urge citizens to call Members of the House Appropriations Committee (202-224-3121) and to take any actions that may be on our NumbersUSA Action Buffet ( The House Appropriations Committee begins Wednesday to mark up its spending bill for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Strong efforts are underway to gut the 287(g) program by denying it money. The 287(g) program allows city and county law enforcement agencies to enforce immigration law after training. Without money for the training, the local enforcement stalls. The enthusiasm of local jurisdictions has far outstripped the current ability of DHS to provide training because Congress last year didn't provide enough dollars. The DHS spending bill needs an EXPANSION of 287(g) funding. Furthermore, radical supporters of illegal immigration are demanding that when DHS ICE agents are searching for fugitive criminal aliens that they stop arresting other illegal aliens they encounter in the process. Whether to allow those arrests to continue will be one of the decisions before the House Appropriations Committee this week. Friends, after a decade of ever-worsening immigration enforcement, we have been seeing signs since last summer that we are starting to win this battle. The news is filled with stories of illegal-alien communities that are so fearful of the more-aggressive enforcement that they are -- or are considering -- returning to their home countries. The supporters of government-forced low wages and high congestion through open borders have gone almost beserk over the success of the extra enforcement. Will the House appropriators stop this trend or accelerate it?
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Updated: Wed, Jun 25th 2008 @ 5:57pm EDT

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