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  by  Roy Beck

The choice couldn't have been clearer.  And these U.S. Representatives said a big fat NO to the unemployed voters of their Congressional Districts and said hundreds of federal contractor jobs have to remain with illegal aliens. See the list of shame below.

On Friday, the U.S. Representatives listed below took an amazingly callous action that told federal contractors that they can continue to use taxpayer money to hire illegal aliens -- instead of unemployed Americans.

They voted NO on an amendment to let Americans have those jobs.

I hope you will broadcast the shame of their vote throughout the voters of their Districts.

This is the latest of a growing and nauseatingly long list of actions this year in which the majority in Congress take the side of Big Business and illegal aliens against the U.S. households that would like nothing better than to get a paycheck again.

These Representatives took this unconscionable action because they don't believe the voters in their district will notice or create any political pain.  ONLY YOU CAN CHANGE THAT PERCEPTION. Please spread the word among everybody you know that these Representatives are taking these kinds of actions.

This outrageous vote today was not an oversight. No, they knew exactly what they were doing and they were doing what their Party leadership told them to do.

The debate in the Appropriations Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives was very clear about what was at stake.  Because Congress and the President have refused repeatedly during this deep recession to bar illegal aliens from federal jobs, Rep. Kingston of Georgia once again on Friday offered an amendment to make sure that federal contractors employ only legal workers.

For the most part, federal contractors are the only part of our economy that is growing.  This is where the jobs are.  We and our children and grandchildren will be paying off the debt for these Stimulus jobs and deficit spending for decades.  Rep. Kingston fought for a small sense of decency, asking that Americans and legal immigrants already here get those jobs.  It appears that hundreds of thousands of these jobs already are filled by illegal aliens. 

If Kingston's amendment had passed, federal contractors would have had to run their existing and new employees through E-Verify which would have forced the illegal workers out, opening up jobs for hundreds of thousands of unemployed Americans and legal immigrants.

(AZ) Ed Pastor
(AR) Marion Berry
(CA) Sam Farr
(CA) Michael Honda
(CA) Barbara Lee
(CA) Lucille Roybal-Allard
(CA) Adam Schiff
(CO) John Salazar
(CT) Rosa DeLauro
(FL) Allen Boyd
(FL) Debbie Wasserman Schultz
(GA) Sanford Bishop
(IL) Jesse Jackson
(IN) Peter Visclosky
(KY) Ben Chandler
(MA) John Oliver
(MI) Carolyn Kilpatrick
(MN) Betty McCollum
(NJ) Steven Rothman
(NY) Maurice Hinchey
(NY) Steve Israel
(NY) Nita Lowey
(NY) Jose Serrano
(NC) David Price
(OH) Marcy Kaptur
(OH) Tim Ryan
(PA) Chaka Fattah
(PA) John Murtha
(TN) Lincoln Davis
(TX) Chet Edwards
(TX) Ciro Rodriguez
(VA) Jim Moran
(WA) Norman Dicks
(WV) Alan Mollohan
(WI) David Obey

Why did these elected officials vote against giving federal contractor jobs to American workers?

Spokesmen for the NO vote tried to use the Chamber of Commerce's tired but totally false line that DHS is unprepared to handle such a large increase in E-Verifiy users, and that the error rate is too high.

In fact, even DHS head Janet Napolitano recently said that DHS can handle the expansion easily.  And the E-Verify error rate is quickly approaching zero, with safeguards protecting every innocent party from losing even a day's work and wages.

So what is the real reason 35 Representatives killed the hopes of hundreds of thousands of unemployed Americans that they could get a federal contractor job this summer?

One of two reasons:

1. They are committed to protecting the job of every illegal alien until Congress can pass an amnesty that will give permanent job permits to the illegal workers.  Some of the NO spokesmen today said that these questions about E-Verify should wait until Congress is considering the comprehensive (amnesty) bill.

2.  They feel more beholden to Party leaders in the House than to the jobless households in their Districts. Party loyalty seemed to be the driving principle today.  

Either way, those of you represented by these NO voters have a big problem on your hands.

The rest of us are depending on you change some minds.

ROY BECK is Founder & CEO of NumbersUSA


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