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Friends, it is essential that the E-Verify program be re-authorized immediately and without any strings that might later strangle it.

Earlier today, there were signs that supporters of illegal foreign workers were trying to attach just those kinds of strings, and we're happy to report that negotiations seem to be back on track for a clean re-authorization.

Members of Congress must know that the E-Verify program to keep illegal aliens out of jobs is wildly popular -- and that the citizens will pay close attention to anybody who messes with it.

Thanks to all of you who have been using our Action Buffet to make these opinions known. Like many government programs, E-Verify has to be re-authorized every few years. If Congress doesn't re-authorize it by November, it will be eliminated, and illegal aliens will have pretty much free run of any job they want in America.

The E-Verify program is perhaps the most effective way to drive illegal aliens out of the country.

The most pressing need right now is to make E-Verify mandatory for every employer in the country (something the SAVE Act by Rep. Shuler, D-N.C., would do).

But while the federal government stalls, many states and local governments are making E-Verify mandatory for businesses in their jurisdiction. The increasing number of governments doing this has thrown supporters of illegal immigration into a panic. They are involved in a massive campaign involving tens of millions of dollars to stop the SAVE Act from being passed and to cripple E-Verify even as a voluntary program.

NumbersUSA will be constantly vigilant and will oppose any and every attempt to weaken the current E-Verify, while doing all it can to make it mandatory.

Thanks to all of you who answered the call for action this afternoon. For now, we are pulling down our phone and fax action notes. But we will come right back to you the minute we sense any new danger.


Updated: Wed, Jul 9th 2008 @ 7:59pm EDT

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