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When I say I love America, I’m not talking about just an idea or ideal or a form of government. I’m talking about the actual land within the U.S. borders – the contours, the vegetation, the critters, the roads, the streams, the towns, the communities, the local cultures and . . . . . THE PEOPLE. I’m talking about 3,141 counties where all of America takes place. It is with great joy that I announce today that NumbersUSA is rolling out its QUALITY-OF-LIFE MAPS project on our website so that all Americans can track the overall health of our 3,141 counties and all inhabitants thereof.

We will be mapping all the places I have seen – and hope to see. Those who know me say I am a workaholic. But I DO play. I have had a life-long passionate hobby of seeing as many by-ways as possible of our nation. Shirley and I just returned from several days on the back roads of Indiana. I’m working in Atlanta today, and I’ll be in northeast Georgia and southern North Carolina later today.

As I slow down through every town and crossroads – or through every urban neighborhood -- I always think to myself, “This is where people live their lives, pursue their dreams, know what it is to be an American.”

And I want to know how life in many variables compares “here” to everywhere else.


How does your county compare with those around you? Our maps will colorfully make it clear.

How does your county compare with the major media centers that tend to dominate our view of what America is? The maps will reveal some surprising results.

Watching and reading the mass media, one might conclude that the United States of America is exemplified primarily by New York, Washington, Los Angeles, San Francisco and maybe a few other major cities. But Americans live out their day-to-day adventures in another 3,100 counties sprawled across this continent.

On a frequent basis, we will be introducing new maps that provide additional ways to gauge the quality of life for those who live within a county or state. Because of limitations of available data, we will sometimes not be able to provide comparisons for the smallest counties, but we will usually be able to provide insight for where the vast majority of Americans live.



Rampant, biggest-ever U.S. population growth is one of our gravest concerns at NumbersUSA. One of the most important reasons we advocate reduced immigration is because federal immigration policies are the cause of most U.S. population growth.

Our population maps today will help you see at a glance where immigration is driving the most population growth and radical change across the country. Nearly every county that is colored for high growth either (a) has had a lot of immigration, or (b) has had a lot of migration of Americans fleeing other parts of the state or country that have themselves had very high immigration.

Be sure to click on states to get a closer view of the counties. And you can click on the metro areas on a state map to obtain zoomed-in maps.


NumbersUSA’s tech team has worked long and hard to create a map that can familiarize Americans quickly and deeply with their country.

I hope that the maps can play a small role in helping Americans feel more connected as the national community that so many of our politicians no longer believe exists or matters.

One thing I asked of my tech team was to create “impregnated smart cursors.” I like to get to information quickly. So my tech team has “impregnated” the cursor on the maps with an incredible array of statistics and rankings. All you have to do is roll your cursor over a part of the map and the information about that county, state or metro will pop up in a balloon for your view. Then just click to get a close-up or to fill the text box on the left with the information so you can print it.


Underneath the map is an email form for you to send us any comments and especially to report any errors you find in information or navigation.

We have worked diligently to provide error-free maps. But mistakes are always possible. Our pledge to you is that we will act on every problem that you report so you can be about as sure as one can be that the information you are getting is the best available.

ROY BECK is Founder & CEO of NumbersUSA


Updated: Fri, Jul 21st 2017 @ 11:11am EDT

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