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Carol Swain, professor of law and political science at Vanderbilt University, has noted in the Nashville Tennessean that Pres. Obama has now promised to lead the way to cure cancer, end foreign oil dependence and guarantee higher education to everyone who wants it.

No goal appears too audacious. No effort is too bold ....

.... except when it comes to keeping illegal aliens out of U.S. jobs so that unemployed Americans (especially Blacks and Hispanics) can have them, Prof. Swain notes.  She writes:

I would like to focus on something that the president has not addressed: illegal immigration and its impact on unemployment, job creation and our failing educational system. Until he is willing to acknowledge the obvious, our best efforts are doomed to fail.

Prof. Swain asks how it can make sense for Pres. Obama to leave 6-7 million illegal immigrants working in low-wage, low-skill positions that could be filled with the millions of U.S.-born workers with similar education who are desperately seeking a job. 

She suggests that those 6-7 million jobs filled by illegal aliens far overshadow the 3.5 million jobs that Mr. Obama hopes to create or save from his nearly-trillion-dollar Stimulus package (jobs that Obama made sure remain open for illegal aliens to take).  

And Prof. Swain is particularly puzzled by Pres. Obama's callousness toward U.S.-born Blacks and Hispanics:

A detailed breakdown of U.S. Census unemployment data released by the Center for Immigration Studies reveals startling levels of unemployment for U.S.-born blacks and Hispanics without a high school education. Blacks had a 24.7 percent unemployment rate and Hispanics were at 16.2 percent.
Meanwhile, the unemployment rate for legal and illegal immigrants without a high school education was 10.6 percent. 

Although the official jobless rate for less-educated foreign workers is high, they are still doing far better than their Black and Hispanic American counterparts. 

This shameful situation does not exist because Pres. Obama and his federal government are powerless. Prof. Swain writes:

The president can act now to ensure that all American jobs go to people authorized to work in the United States.
We can aggressively tackle unemployment by taking simple steps to ensure that American workers are protected from illegal competition from those unauthorized to work in this country.
Many of the president's new programs lack any mechanism for verifying that the recipients are in the country legally. Such a failure to tackle the obvious does not bode well for the future. Our rising health-care costs and educational burdens are all impacted by the presence of large numbers of undocumented and unauthorized residents who make it more difficult for hard-working Americans to enjoy some of the benefits of living in a nation that used to be one of the greatest in the world. 

Prof. Swain has proven that one can work in an ivory tower and still understand the world.

Millions of unemployed Americans are waiting for Pres. Obama to show similar understanding from his ivory tower.

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