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The Pew Hispanic Center's annual report on the number of illegal aliens in the U.S. provides this astounding conclusion: The number of illegal foreign workers holding U.S. jobs has remained steady at about 8 million, just barely below the level in 2007 before the recession and disappearance of millions of U.S. jobs.

The federal government has been an utter failure at protecting the interests of unemployed Americans.

The Supreme Court has often ruled that a primary purpose of immigration laws is to protect American workers.

The Obama Administration has presided over a period in which millions of U.S. jobs just disappeared. Pres. Obama's oath of office in January 2010 included enforcing the country's immigration laws to keep illegal foreign workers out of U.S. jobs.

But this Pew Center report finds that apparently the most secure workers in America have been those who have no legal right to hold jobs.


Talking to a reporter for a major metropolitan daily this afternoon, I noted that the Pew findings don't suggest that efforts in Arizona, for example, haven't been helpful locally -- just not nationally.

That is, Arizona benefitted from illegal aliens leaving the state, even though many moved to NEW Mexico instad of back to Mexico.

For every illegal worker who moved out of Arizona because of increased enforcement, an unemployed American worker in Arizona got a shot at a job, and Arizona taxpayers had one less low-paid resident to support with public services. But if that illegal worker moved to New Mexico, it appears that he/she probably found a job there, meaning that a legal resident of New Mexico stayed unemployed. At least, that is what the Pew study seems to indicate.

No matter how many times illegal aliens had to move, they seem on average to have been able to illegally obtain a job in another community or state.

Much of this would change if Congress and the President would just pass a mandatory E-Verify law that would put most U.S. jobs beyond the reach of illegal workers -- no matter how many times they move.

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