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TRUE REFORMERS for Immigration Reduction Had Great Showing in Tuesday Elections | NumbersUSA - For Lower Immigration Levels

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TRUE REFORMERS for Immigration Reduction Had Great Showing in Tuesday Elections


We saw some exciting results in the primary elections yesterday as many candidates won who had pledged to support all 12 of NumbersUSA's top immigration priorities.

The chances are going up with every Primary election for a much-improved Congress in terms of sensible immigration policy and reduced numbers. 

The 5th worst Republican in the Senate may have lost her seat, for example.

Let me be clear that NumbersUSA never endorses candidates. But we work vigorously to make sure voters know which ones will work for less immigration and less competition for our unemployed U.S. workers.


Throughout the Primary season, Democratic incumbents have been beating Primary challengers from the left who would be more in line with the pro-amnesty, high-foreign-workers positions of Speaker of the House Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Reid.

We've been especially gratified to see Primary challengers fail at toppling Democrats who have been politically brave enough to oppose their Party's top leaders on immigration.

A strong case in point was yesterday in Florida where Blue Dog Democrat Allen Boyd beat a challenge from the left. Boyd works with us more than he works against us. And he has a better career Immigration-Reduction grade than 225 House Democrats. He prevailed with the voters yesterday.

The main reason that we did not have to face a congressional vote on the giant "comprehensive immigration reform" (amnesty) the last two years is that Democratic leaders knew they would have major opposition from their own Democratic Members. We are especially happy to see that Democratic voters in Primaries are not punishing our Democratic allies for opposing Party leaders on immigration.


Most of the excitement yesterday on the immigration front was in Republican Primaries.

We have been emailing candidate comparison pages almost daily to our 2,500 activist members in Alaska -- making sure they knew the immigration differences between their U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski and her Primary challenger newcomer Joe Miller -- encouraging our activists to spread the word.

Joe Miller took the NumbersUSA Candidate Survey and pledged to support all 12 of our top priorities!

View the 12 priorities that True Reformers pledge here.

At the moment, Miller has a lead of around 2,000 votes over Sen. Murkowski. There are still thousands of absentee ballots to count.

If Miller prevails in this stunning upset, the 5th Worst Immigration Republican in the Senate will be removed.

The only Republican Senators who have voted more consistently than Murkowski for increased foreign workers, for amnesty and against tough law enforcement are:

  • Lugar of Indiana (the worst)
  • Voinovich of Ohio (retiring)
  • McCain of Arizona (renounced amnesty to win re-election yesterday)
  • Brownback of Kansas (retiring)

Murkowski acted regularly for amnesties for illegal aliens once her father appointed her to the U.S. Senate and was one of McCain's dependable pro-amnesty votes when the Senate passed his giant amnesty in 2006 (you NumbersUSA activists helped persuade the House to refuse to take up the bill).

Under intense pressure and after seeing that the 2007 Bush-Kennedy-McCain amnesty was going to fail, Murkowski cast her vote against it. But her grades since then have been no better than before. Joe Miller certainly promises to be an incredible improvement. We'll anxiously await the final count.


In the 24th District Republican Primary, the well-financed restauranteur Craig Miller had been favored to win this winner-take-all contest among four candidates. There are lots of patriotic restaurant owners who obey the law, but we will admit to being concerned about Miller's ties with restaurant associations that are among the loudest lobbyists for amnesties and higher foreign-worker importation.

The fact that Miller was the only one of the candidates who refused to take our immigration survey concerned us even more.

So, we are gratified that the winner -- Sandy Adams -- is a True Reformer who pledged to support all 12 of our priorities.

Furthermore, Adams has a record in the Florida legislature of pushing to require businesses to use E-Verify to make sure jobs are restricted to legal U.S. residents.

Now, Adams will be competing with the Democratic incumbent Rep. Suzanne Kosmas in the November election. Rep. Kosmas is one of those freshman Democrats who bucked the Democratic leadership and refused to get caught up with supporting any amnesty or any increase in foreign workers. But she has taken very few of the opportunities to actually improve the situation. Her "B" grade puts her among the better Democrats. Those voters who like Kosmas for her work on other issues now have a strong argument to make to her that she had better start showing some leadership on the immigration issue or Sandy Adams is going to beat her on the immigration/jobs front.

Here are other Florida Republican Primaries won by a True Reformer who pledged support for our immigration priorities:

FL 2 - Steve Southerland

FL 6 - Cliff Stearns

FL 8 - Daniel Webster

FL 11 - Dennis Ross

FL 20 - Karen Harrington


In the 2nd District Republican Primary, TRUE REFORMER Charles Thompson won his runoff.

This is another piece of good news. The man he beat only pledged support on one of NumbersUSA's 12 immigration priorities.

But Thompson pledged support for all 12. And he won.


The big disappointment for most immigration-reductionists who have been involved with the issue for many years is that Sen. John McCain won this Primary handily. With $20 million, McCain outspent former congressman J. D. Hayworth by almost 8-1.

Hayworth's top issue was McCain's career of favoring illegal aliens and foreign workers over American workers. Since Arizona has led the nation with state referenda and legislative laws getting tough on illegal immigration, McCain's political survival has flumoxed many immigration reductionists.

But "Open Borders" McCain did not run in this Primary.

Instead, it was "Secure Borders" McCain who showed up. His talk against illegal immigration was so tough that one open-borders advocate lamented last night that the Primary had actually been won by J.D. Hayworth inside John McCain's body.

We know that John McCain does not emotionally support the tough things he promised about illegal immigration.

But J.D. Hayworth and all the Arizonans who scared $20 million out of McCain forced the Amnesty King to make promises that will be difficult even for him to break after making them so publicly.

McCain's victory yesterday was definitely an immigration-reduction electoral loss that nonetheless will make -- and has already made -- the U.S. Senate a more hostile place for rewarding illegal immigration.

In the 5th District Republican Primary, TRUE REFORMER David Schweikert won the right to challenge Democrat Rep. Harry Mitchell in November. In his two terms, Mitchell has sidestepped nearly all immigration issues and stayed out of the grasp of Speaker Pelosi's open-borders henchmen. But he has done nothing to help the horrible situation in Arizona. He now has a real challenger in Schweikert.

In the 8th District Republican Primary, TRUE REFORMER Jesse Kelly can barely restrain himself now that he won the nomination to challenge Democrat Rep. Gabrielle Giffords who talks a tough line on illegal immigration but has earned a "D+" grade during her two terms, including pro-amnesty work.

Quite an election day. Much more to come in the next few weeks.

ROY BECK is Founder & CEO of NumbersUSA

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