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After calling on the public to support their efforts through an on-line petition, the officers of the union representing federal immigration agents have stepped up their attacks on the Administration's nullification of immigration laws.

Late Wednesday night, I sent out an alert to all of our members about the ICE agents' union asking the public to sign its protest petition.

The petition is toughly worded, but ICE union officials have now come out with even stronger words against their federal bosses who won't allow them to do their job of enforcing laws that Congress passes.

ICE agents are now under orders to ignore the law as well as threats to public safety and fraud.

"Those officers who refuse to follow the Administration's unlawful orders by making arrests will be disciplined and lose their jobs, as well as the ability to support their families.

"The National ICE Council representing approximately 7,200 ICE Agents, Officers and employees were the first to sign the petition on behalf of those that they represent in hopes that through public support ICE, DHS and the Administration can be convinced to take a more responsible approach to law enforcement and cease their collective efforts to devastate and demoralize federal law enforcement officers and their families."

-- New press release from the union about their members who work for the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) section of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security

While ICE agents have been ordered to stand aside, we have witnessed this week a steady stream of images of tens of thousands of illegal aliens lined up in public to sign up for work permits to compete in the legal job market against the millions of unemployed young Americans. Estimates are that 1.7 million illegal aliens could get the reward of these work permits even though Congress has three times voted down bills to give out these work permits.

"Morale is in the toilet right now," according to Chris Crane, president of the National ICE Council. "Most of the guys out in the field are just in an uproar."

The ICE agents feel the only way they may be able to survive as a legitimate enforcement entity to protect all of us from another mass wave of illegal immigration is to show the Administration that the public stands with the agents -- and against the anti-security policies of the Department of Homeland Security. That's why it is so urgent that you sign the petition now and circulate it far and wide. The agents are extremely pleased to have the 50,000 signatures since Wednesday, but they need hundreds of thousands of signatures (at least) if they are going to have any real protection in their challenge against the Administration.

The union officers say ICE Agents nationwide "are now under threat of disciplinary action, up to and including the loss of their jobs and retirements, simply for attempting to enforce federal laws."

Let's do all we can to help our nation's immigration enforcement officers.

-- ROY BECK is CEO & Founder of NumbersUSA

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Updated: Wed, Mar 19th 2014 @ 5:00pm EDT

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Can't the courts stop Obama from proceeding? The California Democrats are using Obama's actions to justify giving these illegal aliens a drivers license --- now they will be able to vote. Is there anything that he will not do in order to get re-elected?
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Why don't the Republicans propose legislation that would make it a felony for a non-american to vote. 5 years in prison for each occurrance and $250K fine. This would include anyone that advises another on how to illegally vote.
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It's already a felony in most if not all states. It will take several months to process the illegal aliens. The vast majority won't get deferred action before the election.

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Voting is not the main issue, it is total immigration numbers and jobs. Basically breakdown of lawful executive branch. I doubt many of them really care to vote, they just want the residency rights and benefits.
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In California, as one example, because of Obama's amnesty the illegal aliens will get drivers licenses. The only thing needed to vote in the primary and general here is a drivers license. I don't know about other states.
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$250K and up to 5 years in prison is what you can get for making a copy of a $15.00 video tape.Seems that we could do at least the same for illegal aliens.
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After you fill in the fields, it should pop up your city and state. Then click submit again. What happens when you do it?

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go to the discussion "ICE agents' union posts petition to protest Obama Administration orders to disobey immigration laws". it is about 6 discussions ago.
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Is this really a surprise to anyone with a brain?!? Obama and his thugs will stop at nothing to destroy this country! FIGHT BACK! Post this on Facebook, anywhere you it to everyone you know!
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Yes, it's true. There is a hardcore base of voters who will only vote D, no matter what. It think it is around 35% and rising. In my state, it is over 50%. They have been brainwashed that the GOP are 'extremists' and any statement from anyone labeled R is used to confirm that by all the big media. So you could have 90% of the voters supporting NumbersUSA stand and still elect the D president.
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If they can't enforce our laws just desolve the entire Dept of Homeland Security. Why should we pay them if Napolitano and Morton will not let them do their jobs. Lets fire the whole bunch.
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I myself enforced these laws in my career, now the Government Obama wants my fellow officers to look the other way, if that's the case Why don't they unman the borders. Remember if you can't search them than how can you know if they are carrying something illegal. If Obama gets another term, this country will be destroyed.

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Does anyone else think its funny that mr. Obama wants illegals here ? Why else would he enforce and give out all these threats ? Let's see .. he wants illegals here, he has his college records sealed, he is against things really needed by the Americans.... there is a pattern here ! Please do not repeat history ! If Mr . Obama is re-elected, American will fall and it will be a hard one . I am proud that I am American and proud of my college records . I have nothing to hide !! We put them in office, so lets take them out of office ! We have the right to fire all of them and start over . The government officials should have to account to the American people where all our money has gone and why are they allowing illegals destroy our country !!

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We cannot allow the people who came into the United States Illegally to black mail us by using children into keeping this debt. We did not put their children into this position they did...They used the fact that we have Welfare to have their children and keep their children costing the United States Millions...We have laws none of which they obeyed during the time they chose to have children on us.. WE have sooo many people on welfare using the system to pay for their childs hospital costs that its ridiculous it is time we stopped...Start with the Illegal alien kids because no they do not deserve this but WE DID NOT DO IT...
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