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  by  Roy Beck

It shouldn't be surprising, but it IS reassuring that a union has stepped forward to try to slow down the Obama Administration's increasingly brazen unilateral decisions to ignore -- and even violate -- immigration laws.

Earlier today, the union posted a petition on its website that challenges the Administration.  And it has asked American citizens to sign the petition to back up federal employees who feel like they should enforce the immigration laws passed by Congress.

The union is of employees of the President's own administration --  ICE agents.  ICE is the Immigration and Customs Enforcement section of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.


The ability of ICE agents to enforce our immigration laws is the ONLY thing that stands between Americans enjoying their current wages and standard of living or seeing wages deteriorate toward low global averages.

Without those who enforce immigration laws, our nation would be swamped with additional millions of citizens of other countries competing for U.S. jobs and driving all wages toward minimum wage.

With officers of the ICE union willing to publicly take a stand against their bosses in order to protect their ability to protect all the rest of us, I hope hundreds of thousands of Americans will thank them by signing the petition.


I'm sure you are as frustrated as the rest of us to be listening and seeing all the news today about the start of a two-year amnesty for up to 1.8 million under-31 illegal aliens.

Federal immigration law enforcement agents are giving us something productive to do by boldly challenging their bosses in the Administration. Today, they have put up a petition on their website that protests what they consider to be threats of punishment if they don't follow orders to violate immigration laws passed by Congress.

The union's website invites the public to sign the petition and stand behind these courageous immigration agents. Sign their petition. Then ask all your friends to sign it.

Click here to view the petition:


The petition is addressed to ICE Director John Morton.

He is the author of the infamous Morton Memo of a year ago that provided the framework for the Department of Homeland Security's actions beginning today in accepting applications for the mini-DREAM amnesty.

The Morton Memo broadened the concept of prosecutorial discretion to the point that huge classes of illegal aliens could be exempted by the Administration from having to obey immigration laws.

But ICE agents are finding that the Administration's new rules actually don't give them much discretion at all.

The Administration's supposed prosecutorial discretion is in fact the absolute loss of discretion by ICE agents to do anything except ignore the law.

The ICE union website states:

Reports are now emerging of ICE agents using their prosecutorial discretion, but then being punished if they determine an illegal alien should be put in deportation proceedings.

"A veteran ICE agent recently arrested an illegal alien who had 10 traffic violations. The ICE agent determined, in his discretion, the alien did not fit within the outline of the Morton memo or the Executive DREAM Order and initiated deportation proceedings.

"The agent's supervisors overruled him and ordered him to release the illegal alien.

"As a result of attempting to do his job, the agent in question is now facing a three-day suspension. If suspended now, this military veteran and eighteen year federal law enforcement officer will be fired and lose all retirement benefits earned if he attempts to exercise prosecutorial discretion again in the future.

Already, thousands of Americans tonight have signed the petition and are circulating it among friends and colleagues.  I hope I can say tens of thousands by tomorrow night -- and perhaps hundred of thousands by next week.  The ICE agents deserve that kind of public support if they are willing to take these kinds of risks to stand up for protecting all of us.

ROY BECK is Founder & CEO of NumbersUSA


Updated: Wed, Mar 19th 2014 @ 5:00pm EDT

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Lynn&Bill 5611 of NC's picture
According to the am paper, NC is planning on giving SS numbers and driver's licenses to these people. Imagine how much else will be handed to them, as well.
Roy 453 of VA's picture
At least work to make sure that the drivers licenses and any other official ID contain the expiration date of the two-year Obama amnesty.
Ralph 7980 of CO's picture
It is my belief that even if Romney is elected, this declaration by Obama will never be overturned. I will be considered an entitlement and one that will never be touched. The next step will be to grant them permanent deferred status and then amnesty. Just a slow erosion of our immigration laws.
John 4110 of MI's picture
If illegals are allowed to stay (even on a temporary basis), would it not be sound policy to reduce legal immigration by an equal number?
Thomas 2924 of IN's picture
On immigration, Obama has now decided that he can get away with ruling by decree. That is dictatorship, a constitutional crisis that demands impeachment. It was a pleasure to sign the petition and stand behind federal officers who only want to do their jobs in observance of the law. By the way, when you sign the petition you only enter the street address part of your address. When you enter the zip code that supplies the city and state.
Vince 0041 of PA's picture
Maybe if Romney is elected, he can rescind this nonsense and use the list to round up and deport these so-called "Dreamers", and their parents that put them in this situation. Not sure he's got the oysters to do that though his big businedd buddies want that cheap labor..
Robert 4907 of DE's picture

Maybe the ice agents should tell obama to go take a hike. They are going to enforce the law . I'll side with the ICE agents . I think they were fantastic at the raids . We need them again ..... and go Gov . Brewer!

Karen 6880 of AZ's picture
From Governor Jan Brewer facebook today In response to President Obama's deferred action program, I issued the attached Executive Order today denying all Arizona taxpayer-funded public benefits and driver's licenses to the illegal aliens that are allowed to remain in our country under the Obama Administration's program. The deferred action by the Obama Administration for these illegal aliens does not confer any lawful status and does not entitle them to any additional public benefits....otherwise it would have significant impacts on Arizona's budget, our health care system and all other public benefits that are funded by Arizona taxpayers.
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Ralph 7980 of CO's picture
At lest one newspaper article states that this action provides only "deferred deportation status", and NOT any type of legal status. Has anyone read the actual declaration? I have not. If that is true, I would think the (still) illegtal aliens should not be eligible for driver's licenses in most states. Of course the "waters will muddied" the permit to work issued by the government. So who can say how this whole mess will turn out. I support Jan Brewer's action on this issue.
Julia 1183 of CA's picture
More governors should do as Gov. Like Jan Brewer has done and need to issue their own executive order to counter act Obama's. A group of governors doing the same thing would be great. Especially disallow any drivers license, or any other I.D. an illegal aliens could use to cast an illegal vote with.
John 4110 of MI's picture
It seems that Roy and others are arguing that the new rules do not allow discretion but in fact amounts to the creation of new law.
Karen 6880 of AZ's picture
ICE Agents, I signed Petition. The security of ICE agents able to do their job is immeasurable. Thank you Roy Beck, President of Numbersusa, for knowledge of immigration laws and broadcasting effects of electing politicians not in agreement with laws.
Duane 7810 of TX's picture
Here is one that tops it all.....on MSN today they have an article where illegal immigrants go on a bus tour to promote their cause. You might read the article and leave a comment! Wonder where ICE is??
Roy 453 of VA's picture
I'll tell you where ICE agents are. They've been ordered by Napolitano and her crew to stand aside and that they may be fired if they dare challenge any of these illegal aliens. That's why everybody needs to sign the petition to back up these agents who are trying to be allowed to enforce immigration laws again.
Steven 9122 of OK's picture
Every federal worker, every member of CONgress, and the current administration took an oath to protect the US from all enemies foreign and domestic. Either they honor that oath or they need to resign.
Patricia 6191 of CO's picture
Is this any different than supervisors at IRS telling their employees to allow tax fraud by illegal aliens claiming the child tax credit.
Laura 9098 of NC's picture
COME ON, Numbers members!!! This petition is at the core of our mission, and there should be hundreds of thousands of signatures from Numbers participants alone. If there were, the petition could be used to challenge the pitiful, creeping, nonentities (AKA, "represenatives") who are supposed to be overseeing the legal implementation of the legitimate laws they themselves passed. SIGN this petition!!!!!
Gene 5798 of TX's picture
Being out of town for a few days I signed it this morn about 10 am. It was approaching 35k signatures. i expected more, so if you have'nt please sign. If we do not step up for law enforcement, who is left to step up for us?
Byron 4301 of AK's picture
I have attempted numerous times to sign this petition. for some reason it won't let me input my city and state then won't allow the petition to be sent because I didn't fill in city & state. It also wants to keep changing my email address? I have attempted to correct this but am at this time unable to sign and support this petition.
Byron 4301 of AK's picture
God Bless governor Brewer of Arizona! I wish there were 49 more governors like her, who would have the backbone to stand up to president Obama's illegal and unconstitutional executive orders. You know if they aren't granted a drivers license it will be harder for them to illegally vote in November, and this is the plan as their only hope is to re-elect Obama or their hope for amnesty is gone.
Glenn 5159 of KY's picture
I have tried several times to sign the ICE petition, there is a flaw in the website. The CITY and STATE fields do not appear so I cannot enter them, I fill out all the other fields, then if I click on sign the petition, it gives me an error message, CITY and STATE are required. Tried several times, closed and re-entered the website, same thing, no CITY and STATE fields. Anyone else have this problem, it needs to be fixed immediately! Glenn in Louisville
Mary 5342 of MO's picture
I have tried for days to sign this petition and am always unable to enter my city and state so I contacted them and am hoping to resolve my problem. Has this happened to anyone else??
Caroline 7445 of CO's picture
I had no problem signing the petition. I thought it unusual to input only a street address. After clicking on submit, the city and state come up automatically.
Charles 9427 of WI's picture
I tried several times to sign the petition. The web site would not accept my information, kept insisting that I enter info in blocks that were not visible, garbled my e-mail address, etc. - I'd like to sign the petition, but was unable to do so. If this is my problem, I need to be told how to fix it. If it's a problem on the web site, the webmaster needs to fix it and re-send the request for signatures.
Charles 9427 of WI's picture
Add to my comment, above - after looking thru the postings below, it appears I'm not alone in having problems signing the petition. This is an important issue - we need to be able to support ICE and stop Team Obama from punishing agents who're doing their jobs. Please, let's have another go at this - AFTER someone fixes the signature page.
Maureen 1434 of CA's picture
Until the election year he had stepped up enforcement at the border. Somebody deluded him into thinking it would get votes.Our California university system has suspended admittance for California residents and is only taking foreign students who pay more America is being sold out from under us. Stop the H1b visa program. Limit student visas. Reciprocal immigration only. We take i 6 ties the immigration of all other countries combined.
James 3946 of VA's picture
Charles and everyone else having trouble signing, I believe the way it works is that you put in your email, first and last name, your street address and zip code, and the system looks up the city and state. If it cannot find the city and state, then another popup box appears and lets you fill in your address WITH the city and state. Tell me if it continues not working.
Glenn 5159 of KY's picture
I was able to sign the petition using my IPOD tht has WIFI capability. The City and State fields came up after I entered the zip code, but that did not happen on my desktop computer. On my desktop, the City and State fields never appeared, even after enering the zip code. So it is hit and miss, but several others have reported this same problem - FIX IT to get more signatures.
Maureen 1434 of CA's picture
Unions are good the corporations are running roughshod over our standard of living, offshoring, predatory ponzi scheme private equity scams, making our government a puppet, using mass immigration both legal (H1B) and illegal to break the American middle class and eliminate it. Honor labor. Proud union member signed petition. Vote Democrat.
Kenny 3281 of TN's picture
Maureen, please! slowly back away from the table, and whatever you do, don't drink anymore of that kool-aid! It is effecting your mind!You can say this, when the union is allowing illegal aliens to take American jobs! Why do you think the union supports the current administration? And if you believe corporations are puppetizing our government, at least the people who realize what is going on aren't allowing this administration to puppetize them. Do you realize why so many corporations, states, and cities are going bankrupt? Because, due to a ponzi scheme called infeasible pension and retirement plans. Vote Democrat. LMAO!!!!!You better vote for someone who really cares about saving our country!
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Kenny 3281 of TN's picture
Laura, I agree with everything you say, but it seems so futile sometimes when it seems your representatives are ignoring the issue! Now don't think I am ready to give up, for I am devoted to doing as much as I can within the limited power I have. There are so many things we need to bring to the attention of ALL representatives, but it gets so overwhelming especially when you are of limited finance, threatened with your job if(God forbid) you should ask for a day off, and whatever you do, don't mention your political views for fear of retribution. At the risk of sounding like a conspiracy-theorist, I feel what is happening is of a planned design (NEW WORLD ORDER sound familiar?). There are just too many citizens which are apathetic and complacent. Due to ignorance and laziness, people just don't realize or care they are losing their Independence. We must pray to God, His will be done.
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Kenny 3281 of TN's picture
A fine example of uncooperative representation is the fact our Congress and Senate have yet to do anything about the numerous violations of the CONSTITUTION in which the Obama administration has committed. And when they do it is so slow in accomplishing anything, people have already been subjected and accepted to it. This is how we will be defeated!!
Julia 7459 of OR's picture
Obama is the first president to openly encourage federal oficials to ignore federal laws. Is there something wrong with this picture, people?