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Just in time for the national health care debate, we've posted another of a series of videos of experts. This video focuses on the costs of our immigration policies -- particularly the accessibility illegal aliens have to public education and emergency room medical care as well as the strain on an array of other social services. Please view the 12-minute video or the 4-minute summary video.

Here is the short summary video that relates especially to the national debate about the costs of our health care systems.

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Immigration 106 -- The Emergency Room: Immigration and the Welfare State

Duration: 12 min 11 sec

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Various experts talk about how immigration has caused most of the increase in the uninsured that has thrown our government into this huge debate about overhauling the health care systems.

They also discuss the massive costs that legal and illegal immigrants place on taxpayers for their health care.

And here is the full 12-minute video that deals with health care along with a number of other social services costs.

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Teaser - The Emergency Room: Immigration and the Welfare State

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A key thing to notice as you watch these is that the costs of immigration are not just about illegal immigration. Our bloated legal immigration system brings in so many people who are at or near poverty that the costs to taxpayers are enormous.

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