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Result of Citizen Opposition -- One Wealthy Foundation To Stop Funding Amnesty? | NumbersUSA - For Lower Immigration Levels

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Result of Citizen Opposition -- One Wealthy Foundation To Stop Funding Amnesty?


A tiny bit of hopeful evidence emerges that consistent, long-term and substantial U.S. citizen opposition to the open-borders agenda may eventually back off some of the wealthiest foundations that are funding the pro-amnesty efforts. A report on the website of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation suggests that the foundation is leaving the political arena on immigration because of the great disappointment that U.S. citizens rose up to defeat all the amnesty attempts in 2006, 2007 and 2008.   

Way to go, all you citizens!

I'm constantly being asked why politicians won't end illegal immigration and reduce overall immigration numbers when that is what most Americans would prefer. Part of the answer is that these gigantic foundations are pouring so much money into forcing the open-borders agenda. 

According to the Knight Foundation report:

In 2003, Knight joined with Ford, Carnegie and others to launch the Four Freedoms Fund, designed to encourage immigrant civic engagement. A year and a half later, Knight redirected $2 million of the Four Freedoms money, and pumped in an additional $4 million, into the American Dream Fund.

I recently wrote to you about the pro-amnesty coalition's claim that they will wage an $18-million campaign to pass an amnesty by this fall.  I also told you that the financing for these huge open-borders campaigns comes from a consortium of foundations led by Carnegie, Ford and Soros. 

Now, as Knight Foundation assesses the effectiveness of the American Dream Fund, it is doing so with new leadership and new program staff who are more skeptical of awarding grants to organizations explicitly involved in policy advocacy. They say Knight is redirecting the fund to focus more narrowly on naturalization.  

Hooray! Please let us know if you see signs that Knight is spending money on amnesty advocacy instead of just helping immigrants to become citizens.

The Knight Foundation tried to create political pressure for amnesty in all the cities where the old Knight-Ridder newspaper chain operated.  It is almost as though Knight's way of striking back at communities that failed to make their newspapers rich was to figure out how to flood their local labor markets with more foreign workers.

Unfortunately for Knight, the citizens of their communities -- joining with Americans across the land -- rose up in opposition to the foundations' attempt to accelerate the radical changing of America.  NumbersUSA -- with less than 10% of the funding of just one open-borders group (the National Council of La Raza) -- has led citizen opposition that has stopped every amnesty attempt since 2000 (after six amnesties passed in the 1990s, following the blanket amnesty of 1986).

The Knight report states:

As to the old focus, one that permitted and encouraged policy advocacy, foundation staff say they’re unsure if dollars applied toward advocacy had any impact. 

'There’s always a question in my mind of proportion,” said Damian Thorman, Knight’s national program officer, who joined the foundation last year. “We spent millions of dollars. Did it make millions of dollars of impact? That’s an open question.'

It is pretty clear that the elites who run many of the nation's foundations assumed that if they agreed on amnesty with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the President of the United States and the globalist Utopians occupying many of the top positions of the national media and religious organizations, that surely U.S. citizens would sit back and let them run the show.

But you didn't sit back.

Every day, I read comments to this blog expressing discouragement and a cynical belief that nothing that citizens do can make a difference.  You have made a big difference for 8 years now in holding back the elitist grand plan for forcing endless, massive population growth, congestion and social change through increased immigration. Your strength has shocked a lot of people.

One woman was quoted in the Knight Foundation article about efforts at "comprehensive immigration reform" (amnesty) of the last three years:

'[Our grantees] actually came very close,' she said, adding that the funding partners didn’t count on such an 'aggressive backlash' from those opposed to the idea. '[Our grantees] did come up with a pretty comprehensive, bipartisan bill. It got very far. We were very much involved in that. We did increase immigrant civic participation dramatically.' 

You/we must not stop our "aggressive backlash."  On your behalf over just the last three days (our computers tell us), we have delivered more than 150,000 of the faxes that you personally ordered, edited and wrote to Members of Congress and the White House!

I would ask you to make sure that the staffers answering the phones for your 3 Members of Congress hear from you this week.  When they return to Washington a week from now they have to know that gigantic PR campaign being waged by the rich foundations for the DREAM Act and other amnesties is aggressively opposed by their voting constituents.

Roy Beck is Founder & CEO of NumbersUSA

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