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PBS documentary featuring Roy Beck available to you at no cost


PBS's veteran broadcaster Bonnie Erbe ("To The Contrary") knows from long experience that NumbersUSA members are among the nation's most interested citizens in the costs associated with mass immigration. 

She has produced an award-winning two-part TV series on immigrations impact on health care reform and the poverty rate. And PBS is making the DVD of this series available to you free of charge. 

Simply submit your request for a free DVD here

Many of you are already aware of some of staggering effects of mass immigration on health care and poverty. For instance: 
  • 71 percent of the increase in American uninsured since 1989 is the result of immigrants and their children.
  • 57 percent of immigrant households (both legal and illegal) with children use at least one welfare program.
The PBS DVD provides an opportunity to educate friends, family and all kinds of civic and political groups about the ways in which immigration impacts these critical public policy issues. As a reminder, NumbersUSA took no position on the health care reform bill. 

Both pieces feature NumbersUSA Executive Director Roy Beck. I encourage you to contact PBS and request one of the free DVDs. 

Here is PBS press release on the series and this offer: 


Copies of PBS To The Contrary with Bonnie Erb Special Reports On the impact of immigration made possible by the generous support of The Colcom Foundation. 

(Washington, D.C.) -- The PBS program, To The Contrary's with Bonnie Erb (the only woman-owned news analysis program on national television) is pleased to offer, free of charge, DVD copies of its two-part series on immigrations impact on health care reform and the poverty rate. This fact-based coverage examines how immigration reform and health care reform are inextricably linked, and how the record influx of new residents is affecting the poverty rate, particularly among children. NumbersUSA President Roy Beck appeared in both segments. This educational product is distributed free of charge to those looking to learn more about the true impact of immigration, as it is rarely covered elsewhere by US media. 

For example, coverage of immigrations impact on the health care system included the fact that while illegal immigrants are not eligible for Medicaid, the US-born children of illegal immigrants are covered. It costs approximately $4.6 billion to insure them. 

To The Contrary's coverage of immigrations impact on the poverty rate explained that Census data show an uncanny tie between the rate of immigration and the rate of child poverty. Of the 14.1 million children living below the official federal poverty line in 2008, 4.4 million were either immigrants or US-born with at least one immigrant parent. 

To The Contrary's special coverage aired nationally on PBS. Please submit your requests here. Please be sure to include the name of your organization, how many copies you would like to receive, and a brief explanation of who will see video. We are happy to fulfill requests for multiple copies of the video for re-distribution to educational groups, students, conferences or interested individuals.
ANNE MANETAS is the Deputy Director for NumbersUSA 

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