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At NumbersUSA we believe that the numerical level of immigration should be set in ways that: allow for a stabilizing U.S. population; allow for the preservation of Americans’ individual liberty; and allow for fairness in economic opportunity for Americans and legal workers.

When we introduce ourselves to congressional candidates, new Members of Congress, and other policymakers we often provide the following information which is largely based on our 15 years of work on this issue and on the Hill:

NumbersUSA was founded to carry out the immigration-related recommendations of (1) the bi-partisan U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform (chaired by the late Barbara Jordan) that called for immigration reductions to protect vulnerable American workers and their families and of (2) President Clinton's Council on Sustainable Development that said immigration numbers had to be reduced as part of an effort to stabilize U.S. population in order to achieve an environmentally sustainable future.

With nearly 20% of American workers unable to find a full-time job and with U.S. population growth (87% related to immigration) destroying approximately 1 million acres of natural habitat and farmland each year while further congesting American communities, NumbersUSA believes Members of Congress should be looking for ways to greatly reduce the current flow of nearly 2 million foreign workers and family members into the United States each year.

The Census Bureau states that U.S. communities -- which had 203 million people in 1970 and 312 million today -- will have to handle a half-BILLION people after mid-century, if immigration is not substantially reduced. Nearly all the growth will be the result of post-1970 immigration. NumbersUSA opposes the federal government forcing that kind of congestion and infrastructure over-load on local communities and the American people.

NumbersUSA believes any amnesty (reward-of-residency) for illegal aliens encourages a lot more illegal immigration. Many small enforcement efforts have proven that illegal aliens will buy their own bus and plane tickets back home if they cannot find a job, cannot receive major public services and cannot move freely without fear of a random arrest. Requiring that all employers use the E-Verify system of employment verification, fully funding the entry/exit system to go identify visa overstays, and full federal cooperation with local government attempting to identify and remove illegal aliens would achieve successful Attrition Through Enforcement.

ANNE MANETAS is the Deputy Director of NumbersUSA

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