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Congress returns to work next month and we will surely face some major battles as we fight efforts to increase overall immigration numbers. These last weeks of summer afford a good opportunity to reevaluate our goals and the urgency of our mission. There is, perhaps, no better way to quickly understand the essence of NumbersUSA than to watch this video. If you haven’t already seen it, you must watch. If you have, I recommend taking another look or forwarding it on to your friends and family.

This is a future that does not have to happen

This video is a must-see for anyone who wants to be sure they know the basic foundational facts that undergird all that NumbersUSA does and are prepared to stand firm in immigration discussions with relatives, neighbors, co-workers, friends and associates. It is a great reminder that this federally forced population growth is not inevitable – it can be changed with a single act of Congress, as Lorraine notes,

This video was excellent. No rant, just facts and a clear picture of the future if Congress continues to sit on its laurels. The speaker has my respect.

Millions Agree

More than 6 million people have viewed the presentation online, which is really remarkable when you consider the type of videos that usually top the charts on the Internet (think Britney Spears). Immigration By The Numbers has been on Google’s Top 100 list of most watched videos. In fact, Google once reported that Immigration by the Numbers was the 269th most viewed Internet videos of all time. Everybody who watches the video on Google can rate it based on a 0-5 stars-rating. Google keeps a running composite score. Our current composite rating for all the postings is 4 stars.

Video Changes Lives

What is even more impressive than the number of people who have watched the video online is the way in which it transforms people. In my eight years at NumbersUSA, I have handled one letter, phone call, email, etc. after another from people who say their lives were literally changed upon watching the video. Jacqueline wrote us,

I swear: after watching it, you will never see the world the same again.

It brilliantly demonstrates how migration never will be a solution to a poor countries problems, and with the enormous current numbers of legal and illegal immigrants our government allows to enter, the we will clearly be destroyed, since we do not have unlimited resources.

As the video unfolds, Roy compassionately and intelligently presents his jaw dropping information. Most importantly of all, with all the hype and hatred, is Roy Beck's instruction without animosity. That, I believe, is not only humane it is a reasoned approach which avoids some reflex response.

Others have echoed its importance,

This is a MUST SEE video for anyone interested in the immigration debate, whether you are a citizen, an illegal alien or a Congressman.

This is the most paramount issue we have, even above the war on terrorism…I can tell from the video that Roy is a good man, a smart man. Not hateful, but realistic. He is the point man for us on this.

Well, it convinced wife too. We already knew most of what was said but the video certainly focuses things for you. My opinion - I'd like to see about 1,000,000 copies of the video in circulation.

Last night I saw your video in which you used the charts and gumballs. It was superb. Thank you for producing it. It does get people's attention. Keep up the battle.

The tape is FABULOUS. I’m going to order about 20 of them to distribute among my friends who I can’t say would enjoy it but NEED to view it! ’Immigration by the Numbers’ is a superb video. The story it tells should compel every US citizen to contact their lawmakers and demand corrective action.

The presentation has even been helpful in convincing those who were not initially inclined to support our position. One student wrote on a blog,

I am a student studying demography and we are just finishing up our section on migration. The projections in this movie are accurate. I had actually come to my own conclusion a few weeks ago about migration and have decided that I am not pro-migration. It is not beneficial to either the sending or receiving state. Economic and social problems cannot be solved by running away.

Friends Referring Us To The Video

The video has now made the rounds on the Internet so widely that many of our friends, colleagues, and contacts are sending it to us, not realizing we are behind the video.

For instance, Russ sent us the following message

A truly superb presentation (about 10 minutes) on the size, scope, and future growth of unchecked immigration: legal and illegal, is at:

When we told Russ we're behind the video he wrote,

Well, ... guess I should have known! You folks are so much on top of this immigrant (legal and illegal) situation that 'who else' could have done that video? Congrats on a well done job.

Or this one…

Have you also checked this site??? It is very interesting This is a Google video; it takes about 14 minutes to view. I hope you take time from your busy schedules.

Recently, Roy's daughter-in-law Linda in New York City received a forwarded email about the on-line video from her brother-in-law George in southern Virginia. He had received the email from a former colleague in the Chicago stock exchange who now lives in California, and had no idea that George had a sister-in-law with a relationship with Roy. This was that friend's message to his entire email list:

Everyone we know needs to see this video, whether on the side of immigration or not. In particular our friends & relatives who are out of state and not yet as affected by the problem as we in California should see this. It will get to them soon enough. The perspective given in this video is from a different slant than most of us have seen---the impact on our environment. It is well done and deserves your time. Heaven help our kids and grandkids if we continue as we are.

This is a future that does not have to happen

It’s worth nothing that this video was done in the 1990s and shows previous Census projections which were alarming enough. In light of the recently released revised Census Bureau projections indicating our current population of 304 million is on track to hit 439 million by 2050, the message of the video becomes nothing short of urgent. Urgent, but not hopeless. With a single act of Congress, we can lower immigration levels and our demographic future can be changed. Watch the video. Forward it to your friends, colleagues, family and neighbors. Send a free fax to Congress. This is a future that does not have to happen – and it won’t with your help.  Please visit the Action Buffet and send a fax to your Members of Congress.

Anne Manetas is Deputy Director of NumbersUSA.

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