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Oppose Amnesty/Legalization
  • Sen. Thune has opposed amnesty 15 times in Congress (a 100% record). The only thing keeping him from an Excellent rating is a clear public statement about how he sees this issue in the future.

Mandate E-Verify
  • Sen. Thune has been a consistent supporter of E-Verify. He misses an Excellent rating because he has not co-sponsored legislation to make E-Verify mandatory for all employers.

Reduce Overall Immigration
  • Sen. Thune has said nothing about whether federal immigration policies should continue to force mass U.S. population growth.

End Chain Migration
  • Sen. Thune has voted to prevent increases in – or to reduce – Chain Migration 8 times (a 96% record). He misses an Excellent rating because during the Jobs Depression he has not sponsored legislation to eliminate Chain Migration while there have been no votes on the matter.

End Visa Lottery
  • Sen. Thune has said or done nothing about the visa lottery.

Limit Foreign Workers
  • Sen. Thune has a mixed record. He has opposed massive increases in temporary workers but has also worked for increases in certain worker categories that show no sign of experiencing a labor shortage.

Secure Border & Fence
  • Sen. Thune has consistently supported securing the border through completion of the fence and sending extra manpower. Although he has not spoken in detail about what a President should do, his actions have been so widespread and specific to earn an Excellent.

Implement Entry/Exit
  • Sen. Thune has not made his position clear regarding implementing an entry/exit system.

Support Local Enforcement
  • Sen. Thune voted to de-fund Pres. Obama's lawsuit to overturn Arizona's law requiring local enforcement officials to check immigration status. But he has publicly gone no further, holding him to a First Steps rating.

Punish Business Violators
  • Sen. Thune has made First Steps in congressional actions toward punishing businesses for hiring illegal foreign workers.

Reform TPS & Refugees
  • Sen. Thune has done or said nothing to deal with the corruption of the current Temporary Protected Status operation.

End Birthright Citizenship
  • Sen. Thune has done or said nothing to deal with the problem of birthright citizenship for illegal aliens.