On September 27, the Senate cleared a Continuing Resolution (CR; H.R. 2638) that, among other things, extends the E-Verify program through March 6, 2009. The inclusion of a short-term E-Verify extension in the CR was a bittersweet development. Although E-Verify will survive for four more months, the reauthorization battle will need to be fought all over again with a new President in the White House who may or may not support the program.

With the exception of pro-forma sessions in the Senate, Congress will be in recess until January. Member left town without passing H.R. 5882, which would have added an additional 550,000 permanent green cards next year, H.R. 5924, which would add 20,000 additional foreign nurses per year for three years (plus their families), or H.R. 6020, the military amnesty bill.


Updated: Mon, May 15th 2017 @ 4:05pm EDT