Phoenix, Ariz.
Phoenix, Ariz.


Arizona's Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is subpoenaing financial data from ACORN saying that the group has used federal funds to campaign against his immigration enforcement efforts. He says the money was supposed to be used for housing and social services.

Sheriff Arpaio is specifically looking for evidence that ACORN financially supported a Mexican national who claims that he was abusively treated by the sheriff's enforcement efforts. The case Melendres v. Arpaio claims that the sheriff's office racially profiled the victim.

“I believe the organization used state and federal funds meant to help poor people to conduct a campaign against me and my officers,” said Arpaio in a statement. “These records will show, I believe, that ACORN is in bed with the anti-immigration enforcement organizations, which continue to demonstrate in front of my office trying to thwart my officers from enforcing state and federal law.”

ACORN has publicly denounced Sheriff Arpaio and called for an end to immigration raids.

For more information, see the Phoenix Business Journal.

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Updated: Fri, Sep 18th 2009 @ 9:45am EDT