Los Angeles County officials say that illegal-aliens parents residing in the county with their children will likely receive approximately $650 million of taxpayer-subsidized welfare benefits in 2013. County Supervisor Michael Antonovich announced the report on Monday and said it was based on information through July from the Department of Public Social Services.

The report states that $376 million has been handed out through July of this year. Of the $376 million, $54 million was in welfare benefits, $20 million in CalWORKs the state's program that provides cash and services to needy families, and $34 million in food stamps.

"When you add the $550 million for public safety and nearly $500 million for healthcare, the total cost for illegal immigrants to county taxpayers exceeds $1.6 billion dollars a year," Antonovich said in a statement. "These costs do not even include the hundreds of millions of dollars spent annually for education."

It's estimated that 60,000 illegal-alien parents of 100,000 children live in Los Angeles County.

For more information, see the CBS news affiliate in Los Angeles

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Updated: Tue, Sep 17th 2013 @ 12:47pm EDT