The Vice President of the National Border Patrol Council, the union that represents the nation's Border Patrol agents, Shawn Moran, has told Breitbart News that agents are being ordered to stand down and end any pursuit of drug smugglers, human smugglers, and illegal aliens. Moran said the reasons given by the administration are budgetary concerns and to ensure agents aren't working long shifts.

"It doesn't matter whether it's drugs, bodies, or how large the group is, our agents are being ordered to stand down by Border Patrol management," said Moran. "I have received reports from our agents in every single sector from San Diego to the Rio Grande Valley in Texas that they are receiving these orders."

Moran said agents aren't being relieved of their posts, but instead, they're being told that someone else is taking their place, but no agents have seen that take place. Moran said, while Border Patrol management cite budgetary concerns, the agency has one of its largest budgets ever, but agents haven't seen any benefits from the increased budgets.

"They are placing the budgetary concerns before the security of our border," Moran said. "Groups that are outside of human trafficking, human smuggling, and drug smuggling are going to exploit these stand down orders as well, not only cartels but illegal aliens from nations that are tied to terrorism."

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Updated: Fri, Oct 4th 2013 @ 9:15am EDT

Caroline 7445 of CO's picture

So, essentially, we now have the "open borders" that proponents of cheap labor, future votes for the Democratic Party, and ethnic groups want. Anyone can just walk across the southern border. Government closures are very political in nature with the seeming intent being those that inflict the most distress on the average American citizen. But endangering our safety with this stand down order is outrageous.

Lechelle 5846 of CO's picture
It seems that they're trying to cause as much chaos as possible, so we can have the government take control of this country. When we're overwhelmed , overpopulated, overextended credit wise and broke, our benevolent caretaker President Obama, can call for action to take care of the American people and the soon to be citizens aka Illegals. I'm thinking this is a two pronged approach not only to get cheap labor, but to cause so much strife and chaos, that we'll be willing to have the government save us from "ourselves".
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Sylvia 4936 of CA's picture
Illegally allowing the invasion of the U.S. by a hostile foreign sovereignty. Could be the reason for this government shut down!
Sofie 5894 of CA's picture
To the Chicano amnesty, no legalization, no jobs, no freebies....go to Mexico and agitate there to get better conditions for your countrymen. Come in legally and you will be welcome.....
Sonny 5967 of AZ's picture
Maybe we should start building our Veterans Memorials on the border. At least we would get a few miles of secure fencing out of it.
Michael 4117 of SD's picture
Our Border should be like the DMZ. Razor wire, electric fencing and minefields work regardless of shutdowns. I feel so sorry for the good folks in the Border Patrol who do their jobs amidst all this insanity. God Bless America.
Albert 3441 of PA's picture
That depends. If they are carrying rifles with fixed bayonets, they would be opposed with armed force. If they are carrying babies and asking for asylum, well....
Jm  2943 of CO's picture
Call, FB etc your Congress person and US Senatorsw and ask why the BP is not essential personnel and why e verify has also been taken down.
Sonny 5967 of AZ's picture
It is my understanding this situation is not related to the shutdown but due to what management is characterizing as annual budgetary shortfalls (despite having an all time high budget) and was ongoing prior to this week.It is nothing more than Obamas prosecutorial discretion being expanded to broader levels.The idea that smugglers are all entering exactly at the end of patrol officers shifts is laughable. If indeed it is happening this way it is due to a concerted effort between moles within the Border Patrol and the smugglers themselves.As for blaming the tea party for the shutdown, you are entitled to your opinion. I am content with them on this issue. In fact it has shed some welcome light and opened more than a few moderates eyes as to where this presidents loyalties reside.Right now e-verify is down but processing of DACA (foreign national illegal dreamers) applications continue. Open air veterans memorials are being fiercely guarded while the border to our country is wide open. These are Obamas decisions.Just like the sequester was used as the official reason why thousands of (already captured) criminal illegal aliens were turned loose onto the streets and BUDGET concerns the reason why ICE agents travel all the way from MI down to texas to 'reverse escort' unaccompanied minors who recently snuck across the border hundreds of miles further into our interior and arrange for their housing until the big dreamer amnesty arrives. He will use any means to justify the end result he is after.
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Deloris 5489 of CA's picture
That is a foreign country, below our border, it's no secret that all kinds of people come through Mexico to enter United States illegally. I hope our militia groups suit up and go to the border immediately and I hope they are armed to the teeth and whenever necessary use their fire power to the max. It is clear that the southern border will never be protected by Government, so we have to do it ourselves. no time like now to start. Am I wrong? I am old, but that has never gotten in my way.
Albert 3441 of PA's picture
The federal government will not lift a finger to halt the illegal alien invasion, but if one of our citizen militia members fired so much as one round at an illegal alien, there would be more police and soldiers coming after him than you could ever imagine, government shutdown or no. This is the essence of anarcho-tyranny, Saul Alinsky would be so proud right now. His acolytes are working miracles.
Mark 6234 of OH's picture
If they are being ordered to stand down instead of guard our borders than those issuing those orders should be held accountable as that is not in the BEST interest of America. That is the problem with the obama administration that do not seem to care about whats good for America but rather they are looking at this as in whats best for me.. those kinds of people we don't need in our gov't.
Albert 3441 of PA's picture
Have US troops in Afghanistan been ordered to stand down because of the government shutdown (or are the Armed Forces not part of the government)? What is more important: guarding the continental US from invaders or fighting another country's civil war for them? I suspect that most of us already know the answer.
Mike 4884 of NC's picture
It's all or nothing for the democrats and Obama. They don't care what's best for our country. They just want to make more votes. This country is going down hill so fast we will never be able to straighten this mess out. If some of the send would just see what's goin on they might would stand behind us instead of hender us. Just saying..
Pat 0859 of FL's picture
Thank you , you said it all. When will the people of this country stop Obama from killing this country? Please America stand up together and lets finally say enough. Just crying to each other has stopped nothing. What will it take to finally get everyone to march or call every Congress member and this is the end.
Kyle 3610 of MD's picture
As if we're not being invaded enough already, BO should be behind bars for his dereliction of duty! And the useless Congress is complicit for allowing him to continue this tragedy.
Marilyn 6431 of TX's picture
THIS IS TREASON. You hand my country over to criminals and that is treasonous in my book. I am a HARDLINE patriot and have no use for anyone who isn't.
Howard 6049 of WI's picture
Its unbelievable but true, really gives one a picture of the serious pickle we are in, I am 81 years old and its impossible for me to comprehend, I quess that's why their ratings are so low, I know the lobbyists corrupt the process,why do we tolerate and when we will take corrective action?
Van 0864 of VA's picture
Thanks for weighing in, Howard. We organize here and encourage others to help. Doesn't take much. A word to friends and family. Who knows, someone you encourage could be the next grassroots leader.
Liz 4867 of FL's picture
we have been invaded with the governments blessing; they have been bringing them in here by the millions since Reagan!! who by the way was one of them! another traitor of the people
Dennis 8300 of FL's picture

Unflipping real. Another step in O blah blahs new world order agenda.Our biggest problem is not all the illegals coming across the's the idiots in the District of Corruption that refuse to enforce the LAWS. Arrest and deport...close the borders.We need to focus on our own citizens that need to find JOBS...and are fighting to keep their HOMES. I am sick of seeing road construction crews...home building crews...and on and on.....Businesses that feed off of the low wages they pay to these folks...need to be CLOSED DOWN. America first...for a "change".

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Scott 0030 of UT's picture
Welcome to the corrupt land of Obama . He arms Christian killing syrian rebels , Libyan radicals the Moslem brotherhood in Egypt , Mexican drug cartels . and however he chooses even though it is illegal. He is supported by traitors on both sides of the aisle. The goal is power the acts are criminal and treason. Those who are not in on it do nothing to stop it criminal negligence. One wonders if citizens guarded the border how long woul it take till the Obama government came up with the funds arrest them. How much is this government spending to take away our guns and arm homeland security, the new Gestapo .
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Sonny 5967 of AZ's picture
Scott, fed up citizens have tried guarding the border themselves. The results haven't always been pleasant. Take this story of two illegal aliens from El Salvador who were stopped in Texas by the group Ranch Rescue in 2005. With help from the SPLC, who receive funding from globalist billionaires, these two illegals sued the citizens who stopped them and were awarded by the courts, hundreds of thousands of dollars and a 70 acre ranch in Douglas,AZ that belonged to one of the Ranch Rescue members. The same guy that had his land given to the illegals was sentenced to 5 years in jail because he was a felon and had possession of a gun. Not exactly a subtle message sent from the US courts as to how they feel about citizens stopping illegals themselves.
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Sonny 5967 of AZ's picture
A few years back there was a rancher here in AZ who had literally thousands of illegals crossing his property.One night he stopped a group at gunpoint and called the Border Patrol. With the help from MALDEF, again an organization with a seemingly never ending supply of funding from left wingers, four woman out of the group sued him for violating their civil rights and emotional distress. They were awarded $87,000 by the 9th circuit court in S.F. Crazy but true.
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Judy 3051 of MD's picture
Good question Vince0041. Once again Americas leadership Fails to keep the good of our country and it's citizens as top Priority.
Thomas 2401 of AK's picture
It's bad enough that the elementary schools in Idaho, and other states are having our children learn the Pledge of Allegiance in Spanish, but when they are asked to say it in English, they don't know how to say it. If the Mexican children are going to school in the United States, they need to speak English. If they are at home they can speak any language they want to speak. If this is to continue, our children might have to learn to speak Spanish, or Tex-Mex, to continue going to school in the United States. I also feel that the United States should deport all illegal aliens back to the country they came from. Have them go through the proper channels that every other alien has to go through. If a child is born in the United States by illegal aliens that have been residing in the United States, the parents of the child should Not get amnesty and allowed to remain. They can take their child back with them and when the child becomes a legal adult, he/she can decide if they want to come back to the United States by showing their birth Certificates to the US Customs Border Patrol. All the information would be taken down to insure that their certificates are not used by other aliens.
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Florence 0183 of NJ's picture
if they have babies here and they are illegal those babies are illegally born here and are illegals! Put their parents heritage on it and black out country of origin so they cannot fill it in! It is disgraceful that kids are bing taught in spanish, on tv and the internet they are pushing for us to learn spanish, it is a really bad thing to have our borders open and yesterday morning I saw a truck from mexico here and let me tell you, they are not checking what is in the backs of those trucks, this is a real mess...I really can't take this odama anymore...
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