A new poll from Winthrop University finds that Sen. Lindsey Graham's (R-S.C.) favorability in his home state has plummeted after co-authoring legislation that would grant amnesty to 11 million illegal aliens and double annual legal immigration flows. According to the poll, only 45% of GOP voters (including leaners) support the job that Sen. Graham is doing.

In February, after the Gang of Eight had announced their principles for immigration reform, but before the bill was drafted, Graham's approval rating among GOP voters was 72%. His approval rating was 57.5% in April just before the Senate began debate on Graham's amnesty bill, S.744.

For more details on this story, see Winthrop University and Roy's blog from earlier this year. 

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Updated: Thu, Oct 31st 2013 @ 11:45am EDT

GlenR 1973 of WV's picture
For what is worth just read the following in Newsmax not sure if he is feeling the pressure or this is a cover story and we should "even" be more aware; I'm having a difficult time with trust for "our" politicians. "The chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, Rep. Michael McCaul turned down an invitation to the White House to discuss immigration because he feared President Barack Obama was trying to trap him, he has revealed. And he made it clear he will resist even meeting with senators who want comprehensive reform on the subject. "I was invited to the White House yesterday and I refused to meet with the president because I saw it as a political trap," the Texas Republican told radio host Laura Ingraham, Wednesday. Editor’s Note: 5 Phases of a ‘Retirement Heist’ Exposed (See Video) "I've been against amnesty my entire career," McCaul he said. "I'm simply interested in getting the security piece done," referring to his own bill aimed at preventing would-be illegal border-crossers from entering the country. “We are not going to conference with the Senate on this. We’re not going to conference with the Senate — period.” Three Republican House members have now backed Democrats in backing a broad immigration bill roughly in line with the Senate's proposal, though without border security enhancements — 20,000 more Border Patrol agents and 350 miles of additional fencing. Jeff Denham of California was the first to break ranks, earlier this week. He has now been joined by Ileana Ros-Lehtinen of Florida and fellow Californian David Valadao, Roll Call reports."
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Van 0864 of VA's picture
We think McCaul's statement is significant. Remember he's the author of the border security bill that is the most likely vehicle for getting the House into a conference committee with the Senate amnesty bill.
Van 0864 of VA's picture

As you should. In any event, statements like this have a shelf life. McCaul may change his mind and want to do something next year.

John 4110 of MI's picture
Part of the problem is that the special interests big contributors get more access. This helps form their basic opinions on the issue. Also, we have seen in recent years many of the polls seem to have an objective of persuasion and not of seeking public opinion. In this mode questions are tweaked to get the desired reading of public opinion. In the future there will be more pollster jokes to join with the lawyer, politician, accountant and economist jokes.
Van 0864 of VA's picture
It appears that McCaul has backed off temporarily. That doesn't make him a good guy but we make a point to thank Members of Congress when they do the right thing.
GlenR 1973 of WV's picture
McCain is still bitter about not receiving the nomination in 2000 not to mention the 08 results and blames the grassroot GOPer's, he trusts the Country Club GOPer's and they want the ILLEGALS to have legal status for their cheap labor.
Terri 9170 of IL's picture
If McCain doesn't blame the GOP committee, then he's a fool. They helped circulate the rumors that defeated him and they hand-picked Dubya.
Sid 1102 of GA's picture
It is well past time to retire these RINO Senators and Congressmen. They need to seek other employment since they no longer represent the American worker.
Thomas 2924 of IN's picture
Graham has accumulated lots of corporate money by his relentless betrayal of the people of his state, but on primary day the people decide. Get rid of him.
Dawn 5256 of AZ's picture
Fox reported that Numbers USA stated that if a vote were held today, amnesty would pass because of moderate Republicans. WHY are these fake republicans' names not broadcast everyday so we can make it known how we feel about their betrayal?
Albert 3441 of PA's picture
Considering the likely consequences of a mass amnesty, there is no way that anyone who supports it can claim to be a "moderate". The current amnesty plan is even more radical than the one passed in 1986.
Sylvia 4936 of CA's picture
The late Terry Anderson used to heat up the air waves with this "prissy milksop Sen. Lindsey Graham creep" on Terry's radio show! Every political leader in the U.S. will destroy his/her career with any amnesty vote against the American people and American workers!
Gene 5798 of TX's picture
The continued longevity of political parties has to be ended. that would give us a chance to elect some independent thinking moderates without fighting BIG money. taking out these guys one by one just gets another of the same ilk elected. That is why I DO NOT vote republican or democrat any more. The party system is dangerous to American stability as predicted by forefathers of our nation. I will never support anyone with Dem. or Repub. behind their name on a ballot. It only changes the face, not the ideology voting that way.
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Jm  2943 of CO's picture
When is the primary? and will you take a position on who would be best for us? After they way Bloomberg has interefered in our 2 recalls and also the 66 amendment we would have no problem calling from CO to help out whomever is best.
Van 0864 of VA's picture
The SC primary is on June 10. We cannot advocate for or against any candidate for public office. We will rate the candidates' immigration views, however. Too early to comment on a Bennet repeat. The voters haven't seen enough of the challengers yet
John 4110 of MI's picture
Have Graham, McCain, Flake and the rests behind amnesty and immigration increases really reflected on their positions or are they just responding to special interests? While the Senate bill will according to the CBO reduce illegal immigration by about 1/3 it rewards with work permits illegals here less than a year in what world is that not an encouragement for immigration crime?
Terri 9170 of IL's picture
Yes, I see he's in the news, blathering on about Bengahazi, trying to act like he cares about the American People but we know better.
Mike 1111 of CO's picture
'Grahamnesty' is what it's called. The Republicans should knock him out with a much better primary candidate, and then hold the seat.
Ralph 0323 of MA's picture
Here's hoping that the Tea Party backs a primary candidate to oppose him. Anybody that cozies up with McCain needs to get the boot (including McCain) & our country will be the better for it.
Cynthia 2502 of TX's picture
As someone who votes in the Democratic primary, I have been refusing to vote for anyone for any reason who votes for amnesty in any shape or form as of this year since I am disgusted by what is happening in immigration. I take a hard line Barbara Jordan approach on this issue for many reasons . This means some of the Republican candidates have tried to contact me for money lately. Today, Cornyn's campaign contacted me. I told them unless I see a hard turn against amnesty, wasn't going to happen and I would vote for the candidate who was against amnesty even if libertarian or green etc. Campaign responded my funds were needed to keep the state red and it was close. I pointed out amnesty was a closer issue for all of the country and if Cornyn wanted to keep the state red, he needed to think hard about amnesty even for dreamers and what happens to the country if its granted.
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Jm  2943 of CO's picture
Us too and we keep telling our Congressman that too. Thats the only issue we are voting on and he better not cave if he wants our vote.
GlenR 1973 of WV's picture
I hope more will be determined to vote against anyone supporting Amnesty and Open Borders as you say "regardless of Party". Again, the problem for at least the last 30 or so years is too many Elitist Politicians from both major Political Parties, have been willing to turn the United States into a welfare state to insure most of our citizens obtain Third World status by importing ILLEGALS for cheap labor to take United States Citizen's jobs for their Political Contributors and Special Interest Groups or outsourcing United States Citizen's jobs to Third World Countries. Some of the comments I read online suggest that too many U.S. Citizens are wrapped up into winning one for their political party or favorite Politician and our nation's survival becomes secondary to PARTY Loyalty!
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Albert 3441 of PA's picture
This blog is just in time for Halloween. There is nothing scarier than the kind of "immigration reform" that Sen. Graham supports.
Matt 0699 of SD's picture
He's a RINO sellout like the vast majority of republicans. They talk tough when elections are up, then sell the voters down the river.
Esther 7135 of CA's picture
Shame on Graham. If he isn't re-elected, he only has himself to blame.I guess he thinks that he works for illegals and not American citizens. Hell hath no fury , like citizens scorned.
Shawn 0011 of PA's picture
Sen. Graham is everything wrong with this nation. How do we Americans continue to allow him, McCain, Pelosi, Reid and all others like them to succeed? Our voting rules need to change.
Shawn 0011 of PA's picture
And by change I mean a single secure system that only people who pay taxes are allowed to vote. And you must know about the people running, not just there party or race but there ideals.
GlenR 1973 of WV's picture
"Sen. Graham's favorability plummets after year-long push for amnesty" I have to disagree with the title of the article, I remember Graham pushing for Amnesty along with his buddy McCain at least as far back as "W" first term and speaking before every Pro-Amnesty, OPen Borders, CofC groups he could find.
William 6898 of AZ's picture
Glad to hear he is getting more and more unpopular. The same thing needs to happen to ALL the amnesty-pushers. Maybe then they would realize what traitors to the American workers they REALLY are.