ICE officers arrested 43 fugitive aliens (13 with criminal records) and an additional 35 immigration violators (13 with criminal histories) during a week-long operation in Pennsylvania and Delaware, according to an ICE news release. The Georgetown Police Department in Delaware and the Ross Police Department in Pennsylvania assisted in the operation.

The arrestees included:

  • A Mexican man who had four outstanding arrest warrants for DUI and Probation Violations;
  • A Vietnamese fugitive who was convicted of rape & unlawful sexual contact; and
  • A Guatemalan fugitive who had convictions for assault and offensive touching, forgery and driving under the influence.

Fugitive aliens are illegal aliens who fail to show up for their immigration hearings, or who disappear after a judge orders them to leave the country. Thomas Decker, director of the Philadelphia-based ICE Detention and Removal regional office said, "ICE will continue to fulfill our Congressional mandate to apprehend and deport those who entered our country illegally, especially those who have committed criminal acts."

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Updated: Wed, Jul 5th 2017 @ 2:20pm EDT