The head of the U.S. Border Control's Tuscon Sector has said that the agency has had success in slowing the flow of illegal aliens.  Chief Patrol Agent Robert Gilbert says that the drop in the number of apprehensions, the number of border deaths, and the pounds of marijuana seized all point to the agency's success at deterring and preventing illegal aliens from crossing the border.

However,  Gilbert is quick to admit that the task is far from over: "It's a sign that we are on the right path.... We had successes in '08 and I think our numbers prove that out, but we are long ways from saying we are where we want to be with border control."

While some analysts are crediting America's slumping economy for reducing the inflow of illegal aliens, Chief Gilbert believes it is the agency's hard work and skillful planning: "The service industry, where the majority of the people that are trying to come illegally work, has not suffered a downturn.... I think the majority of it is a sound operational strategy and starting to see the resources it's going to take to move the strategy forward."

Overall, apprehensions made in the Tuscon Sector were down 16% from 2007 and the number of bodies found took a 17% drop.

The Arizona Daily Star has more on this story.


Updated: Thu, Apr 8th 2010 @ 10:54am EDT