Rep. Joe Garcia
Rep. Joe Garcia


Rep. Joe Garcia (D-Fla.) and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) along wtih more than half of House Democrats introduced a blanket amnesty bill that would grant work permits to the 11-18 million illegal aliens living in the United States and likely double annual legal immigration numbers. The bill is similar to the Schumer-Rubio-Obama amnesty bill, S.744, after it was approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee. It has replaced, however, the Corker-Hoeven "border security" amendment with a bill introduced by House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Michael McCaul (R-Texas) that has already been approved by the Committee.

"All we're saying is, look, we know the votes exist," Rep. Xavier Becerra (D-Calif.) of California said. "Let us show you that we're not going to play games here, we're not going to start from the far-left corner of the field. Let's show you that we're willing to move forward quickly." 

The bill has received mostly a chilly reception from the House GOP, particularly from Judiciary Committee Chairman, Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.), who has come under fire in recent weeks for his announced support of a plan that would grant legal status and work permits to the nation's illegal aliens.

"The immigration bill introduced today by several House Democrats is basically the Senate bill," a spokesperson for Rep. Goodlatte said. "Chairman Goodlatte strongly opposes the Senate bill since it repeats the mistakes of past immigration overhauls, and he has made it clear that the Senate bill is a nonstarter in the House." 

Even Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart (R-Fla.), the lone Republican on the House's original 'Gang of 8', was skeptical of the move.

"That's like if I filed a bill today, naming myself as president of the United States and chief Supreme Court justice," Rep. Diaz-Balart said. "It's as relevant ... as if I did something like that." 

A former Member of the House 'Gang of 8' also objected.

"It's dead," said Rep. Raul Labrador (R-Id.). "It's kind of a ridiculous idea." 

But not all GOP House Members are opposed to the Democrats' gesture.

"The biggest issue I had with the Senate bill was the border security piece. I support the McCaul bill," said Rep. Jeff Denham (R-Calif.). "It sounds very positive, but I will always wait to see what those details are."

"If there's some common-sense legislation out there, it doesn't matter who starts it," Rep. David Valadao (D-Calif.) said. "If there's an opportunity to do something that's moving the ball forward, I'll look at it." 

The bill, H.R.15, was officially introduced by Rep. Garcia of Florida, but it was introduced with 120 additional cosponsors.

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Updated: Thu, Oct 3rd 2013 @ 10:09am EDT

GlenR 1973 of WV's picture
These people will never stop their attacks on United States Citizens! I hope the congressmen that claim they are against Amnesty for the ILLEGALS will prove they stand with the Citizens.
June 3610 of TX's picture
When a blanket amnesty is a done deal, just think of the criminals who will be sanctioned by this goverment...murderers, rapists, child molesters, drug lords, etc. Anyone for a whole new slate in Washington?
Terrel 8684 of TX's picture
We have all of the new and illegals we need and then some. Our city populations in Midland, and Odessa plus the surrounding areas have doubled in number over the past two years. We are maxed out. Plus we are in a no water situation, with no relief in site. We do no need nor do we have room for more people looking for a handout. Thanks for listening.
Karon 0150 of NC's picture
I've lived in Texas, too. I'm so glad you mentioned the short supply of water. Why is it that our politicians don't seem to care whether their is enough water or not, just as long as a city/town shows growth in construction?
Glenn 3669 of MI's picture
The strain on water supply and other essential resources is a usually overlooked part of the immigration debate. Pro-mass immigration types always say "We have lots of room". Even if you grant that, the real issue is the increasingly scarce resources- it's already a problem in the Southwest and soon the rest of our nation.
Aaron 8129 of ID's picture
I worry about that here in Idaho as well. People are starting to say we're in a drought too. And yet our leaders want the illegal aliens here??!!
Jack Darrell& Marian 4810 of GA's picture

Come on you folk's that are supposed to repersent all the citizens of the United States Of America, QUIT ramming all this down out throats!!

June 3610 of TX's picture
The main thrust of a blanket amnesty will bring illegals into the fold. They will soon get voting privileges and will be happy to vote "as told to" so their benefits will keep coming and those who aid and abet them can keep bellying up to the public trough.
Albert 3441 of PA's picture
It appears that the treason season has begun in earnest. It looks as though the open-borders strategy is to put forward the more obnoxious Democratic bill (blanket amnesty) first, so that wavering representatives will feel relieved and appeased when the GOP offers an amnesty-light bill later on and will feel inclined to support it. Then, the House bill goes to conference committee with S.744 and, voila, we get the blanket amnesty, anyway. If these “leaders” put as much time and energy into working for the common good of their fellow citizens as they do in trying to cheat us out of our country, imagine what they could achieve.
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Sylvia 4936 of CA's picture

Get this!
Governor Brown will sign for Illegal alien driver's license on Thursday!
Well I guess they get whatever it want! Even over the objection of California citizens!

Tom 3537 of CA's picture

it seems our votes are starting to mean nothing. look at gov. brown, even after we got rid one one guy trying this he just did it and is not getting recalled.

Marilyn 6431 of TX's picture
I feel for you started going crazy long ago. We left in 1969 and have never looked back. I keep trying to get our friends and relatives to leave and they are, but slowly. It is hard to give up your home state and I know that. Good luck to you with Moombeam. I always loved his father...even got ot meet him one time.
Caroline 7445 of CO's picture
Laura Ingraham stated on this morning's radio show that estimates are that 1.4 million illegal aliens in CA would be affected by this. 1.4 million in CA alone! And CA taxpayers are supporting these people. And more coming in every day now that the amnesty word is out.
Kathleen 9822 of WA's picture
Politicians are going to force amnesty on us doesn't matter what the majority want it's what they want. It's pretty clear they dont represent citizens anymore.
Amy 0963 of TN's picture
"It's dead", says Rep. Labrador. Let's hope he is correct. So sick of this congress going against anything that the citizens want. It seems to always be about the illegals.
James 6256 of WA's picture
In Mexico it's a felony to enter and stay illegally. Now these corrupt congressmen want to make it legal to enter illegally and stay and get a work permit? Where does this nonsense end?
Evelyn 2162 of UT's picture

This has got to stop. When will our elected leaders represent us? In my lifetime I have never seen a time that our leaders have totally forgotten the folks who voted for them like they have now.They have forgotten the unemployed the part time employees all to give to a group of people who shouldn't be here .I am so sick of our leaders catering to a their corporate sponsors and totally ignoring the American people.

Aaron 8129 of ID's picture
Neither have I seen this in my lifetime. I'll be 41 this Saturday. It sure seems that the illegals mean more to our leaders than the taxpayers!
Tom 3537 of CA's picture
hope he is right that its dead. my darn governor just gave them license. look to see on the news where no citizens will drive trucks soon.
Steven 0247 of TN's picture
i hope you california patriots do not need to make a dmv visit any time soon.i would guess hundreds of illegals will be waiting outside the driver license station have my sympathy.
Paul 8845 of OR's picture
as to water shortages, the entire southwest should be sparely populated based on the available water. There is plan to take all the water from Canada Montana washington and oregon and send it down to the anchor babies in the Southwest and Ca. In the meantime the aquifer under the middlewest is running dry and wont be there in 50 years to grow all the corn for the invaders. But Pelosi etc can always move to another country, they don't care , they don't have to
Philip 5927 of AZ's picture
Nancy Pelosi, Joe Garcia and others, who are die-hard amnesty supporters, believe that amnesty is impossible to avoid this time. They got a record that goes back a long way. Unbelievably, they are still there in Congress. I hope Garcia will have NO chance of making his bill to the floor. They hurt American citizens greatly to satisfy their hunger for power. They never quite felt like sticking around to figure out how to help millions of unemployed Americans. The problem is they are very selfish. They have blind devotion to their own ambition. I don't think they understand the gravity of the situation there. They are very concerned mostly with their own interests. They should think twice that they must protect their own children and grandchildren, too, not illegal aliens. Why do they let illegal aliens to steal jobs from their own children and grandchildren? They join millions of unemployed Americans. These die-hard amnesty supporters are aware too well about it? They don't care? I am very concerned that they are being brainwash of die-hard amnesty supporters.
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Karon 0150 of NC's picture
I don't think they are worried about their children or grandchildren, because they will probably just encourage each one of them to become a politician, to get all the financial benefits. However, politicians might worry if the illegal aliens start taking their congressional jobs away.
John 8848 of MA's picture
Some Americans have been unemployed for years and now we are supposed to grant work permits to "illegals", "undocumented workers" or whatever else the PC want to call them. The answer is NO!
Michael 3570 of CA's picture
Pelosi and Garcia do not have to deal with the effects of this. Their group dreams these things up and the next thing you know its shoved down our throats. Remember, everything they pass they are exempt from and has no impact on their lives.
Marilyn 6431 of TX's picture
You are so elderly AMERICAN BORN aunt and uncle live in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. We go there often and we know what is happening. These old people, 91 and 89, have been spat on, been run into by buggies, been purposely blocked in the grocery aisle. He is a WWII vet and should not have to endure this sort of treatment from criminals who are not here legally.
Mark 6234 of OH's picture
The problem with the law makers making these kinds of decisions is that they are not listening to the people that elected them. Pelosi and Garcia are comfortable and exempt themselves from all the laws they pass like ObamaCare. They do this and do not think they have accountability but they do, as does Obama and I don't care how you define it but illegal means illegal and illegals should have no rights in this country. They should have to acquire citizenship like the millions before them and if they can't then they should be sent back to their own country.
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Marilyn 6431 of TX's picture

CAN YOU HEAR ME? We need these jobs for legal citizens, not for LAW BREAKING NON-citizens. Do you understand? It is far better to work a menial job than to lose your home or not feed your kids. It is far better to work two menial jobs even. Our family had some very rough times...times so bad that we took LEGAL jobs in the Middle East so we could pay our bills. We have never gotten a handout even once and there was no one we could ever turn to. The Middle Class in Mexico is now larger than the Middles Class in the US of A....check that out and then tell me we need to continue kowtowing to CRIMINALS. I do not break laws, never have, always worked hard for every penny I have ever received and now that I am 70, I want to know my country is going to take care of those like me and not criminals. We have had three members of our extended family killed by the Mexican drug cartels (no blood relatives, just relatives of our son's wife) and you continue to encourage these people to come here. Our son's wife's father has been here for FORTY years, got amnesty in 1986 and still cannot speak passable English because his family thought they were too good to have to speak another tongue. My husband's father came here from Austria-Hungary as a small child as WWI was breaking out in Europe. They had to wait in the UK until they could come over and finally, on the last Lusitania trip west, they were allowed in. They first had to prove they were all healthy, had a sponsor, had plenty of money to get started, a promise of a job and a place to live. Now they just know they can come in any time and we will shower them with goodies. I heard that the family of the Boston Bombers is Belarus (I think) is still collecting welfare since they didn't tell the officials they were going abroad and just changed their address to a cousin's house. We are still paying those people. They got free college educations, cars, food, rent and over $100,000 in cash payments. What is with you people? Have some mercy and please think of the LEGAL CITIZENS first before you start worrying about the CRIMINALS you are letting in.

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Valerie 8806 of IL's picture
I always thought Pelosi was a piece of NOTHING. She doesn't even deserve to be in politics. All this amnesty, I want it to effect them - Cut their salaries by 2/3, cut their health benefits completely & buy their own health insurance, no retirement pay, nothing to their spouse when they're dead (do you know how much money some of these surviving spouses are getting, astronomical!!!), live off soc'l. sec. like us & the list goes no & on. Down with our CORRUPT GOVT!!!!
Marilyn 6431 of TX's picture

Seriously, we have been fighting this for nearly as long as I can remember and it isn't getting any better. I understand old Joe Garcia....he probably promised to get amnesty to get elected, but he is on the wrong side in this ball game. We gave them amnesty before and look where it got us....MORE OF THE SAME. And it might not be so bad in Florida, but they are POURING over the Rio Grande. I can understand they want a better life, but we just want our own lives and the country my twin uncles died for in WWII which makes me mad every time I think about it. My poor little Cherokee grandma had 12 kids, 9 sons and ended up with four purple hearts in her window. They died for my freedoms and they are being given away for free now.

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Liz 4867 of FL's picture
watch out for secure the border bills because they are wrapped up in a total amnesty; all we need to do is to enforce the law not changed them to fit the NEW workforce!
Norman 3289 of VT's picture
Why should the 11 million aliens who are in the U.S. illegally take precedence over millions of people who want to immigrate to the U.S. legally?
Philip 5927 of AZ's picture
K. Denise 0150 of NC, you said that they will probably just encourage each one of them to become a politician. Really? Maybe, but I DON'T think every one of their children and grandchildren want to become a politician like them because most of them are NOT interested in following their mother's, father's, grandfather's or grandmother's footsteps. Some of them want to be private. They don't want to be in spotlight for their show-off. I believe about 10% of them will be a politician like them someday. Some of them want to be a doctor, lawyer, engineer, math teacher, computer scientist, technician, top-level manager in the private sector, health care practitioner and scientist, name it. Most Senate and House politicians and Obama still want MORE foreign workers and legalized or amnestied illegal aliens to get S.T.E.M. and low-skill jobs respectively for cheap labor. They are very cruel that they refuse to help millions of unemployed Americans. If the amnesty bill becomes law, these existing jobs would directly go to these foreign workers and illegal aliens without difficulty. H-1B/Foreign Workers are very harmful to every American citizen. There is a guarantee that many American college graduates will NOT get these kind of jobs in future. I think that these corrupt politicians would better start worrying right now about their children and grandchildren!
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